Black Rhino (Dicero Bicorncis)


The Black Rhino is a large charcoal grey mammal that has múltiple horns. Usually 2 or 3.


The Black Rhino is in critical endangered state due to illegal hunting for its horn which is really expensive. One of the characteristics that make it prone to exctinction is that it is a solitary animal, and also one of the most easily angered animals.

Recovery Plan

To cut down illegal poaching, many organizations are funding extra poaching patrols. Along with this organizations are starting to map the places where rhinos were last seen.
Making a Difference for Rhino Conservation


If the Black Rhino could be saved it would be like saving a living fossil, because rhinos are one of the most ancient mammals on the planet. Black Rhinos are also a major source of income for tourist sites in Coastal Africa.

Jorge Villalobos

Endangered Poster