BY: Black Panther and Iron Man

Who created Captain America, when and why?

The people who founded Captain America were Joe Simon and Jack Kirby on March 1941 and the reason was children frightened by the needed a symbol of hope and Captain America was born...
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what year did the AVENGERS appear into the MARVEL comic book world?

it was 1963 when the first of the Avenger comic books and also the year where captain America returned into the modern heroic world..
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Black Panther

This is a video to show the history of Black panther

The wovlerine

Wolverine has died in the comics

The best MARVEL movies

This is a video to show the best marvel movies

The HIstory of the X-men

the X Men has one of the biggest fan basis of all superheroes including DC heroes..


The Age of Ultron story is among my favorites, it is dark and even scary at times.. unlike its movie form.