Printing From An iPad

Using Page Scope

Printing With Page Scope

EISD Employees can print using the Page Scope App. The iPad will print to the Konica Minolta printers if users have authenticated their badges to work with the printers. Follow the directions below to setup the iPad.

Open Page Scope

Once Page Scope is open > Tap Select Printer

NOTE: Depending on the version of iOS, the Settings icon may not appear. Go to My Documents and Settings can be accessed in that screen.

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Add Printer

Tap Add Printer

Tap Manual

Type the IP address of the printer

(IP Address can be found at the Konica Minolta Coper by pressing Menu > Utility > Device Information > IP Address)

Tap Search

Once printer is found, Tap Add

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To Authenticate

Tap Settings > Select Printer > Tap Authentication > Tap Detail Settings
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Enter Credentials

Type your district computer User Name and Password

Tap Home

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Change Print Settings

Return to Print Settings > Tap Print > Scroll to Output Method and Tap > Select ID & Print
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Change Settings for Multiple Printers

If you are using multiple printers, these setting configurations will have to be done for each printer.

Once these setting have been configured, you can return to Home.

When printing you will have to either enter your district username and password at the printer or use your badge to retrieve the print outs.

In Order to Print

Files will need to be added to My Documents. From My Documents > Select file to print > Tap Print icon > Print
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If Not Printing

If the print job is not going through, be sure to check the following:

  1. Ensure that all settings were done correctly including the username and password
  2. Ensure that you are badging into (signing into) the correct printer
  3. Check the Job List on the printer, if it states there was an error with the paper size, go into your paper settings a select a specific tray.