Grade Level Meeting

February 1, 2016

What are we focusing on?

1.Spotlight-Share something positive about you or your kids.

Natalie-Hawaii is epic. Natalie practices hypnosis.

Emily- Allison is having a baby yesterday.

Shelly-Dalton is expecting a new job. Cancun this summer.

Joel- Joel has no news.

Amy- Amy went to a new church. Yay God.
2.Instructional Plan for next week:

ESOL Testing Starts

Field Trip this Friday
Science-Weather, Water Cycle, Clouds, Weather Instruments-Finish Up/Test this week
ELA-Narrative Mini-Unit next week, Practice the writing responses from Cantrell
Math- Unit 4-Fractions (Emily is on it!)
3.Data- IRA working to see where the students are now. Finishing up and starting to grade.
4. Due Dates
Heather Wayne Field trip- turn in money and sheet to Vicki this week
$5 to Emily for baby shower gift

Sign of up for Valentine's Day Dance-1st Emily (doesn't want to be near the dance), Amy, Natalie shift- 2nd shift-Joel, Shelly, (Jackie should be able to come because of the date change)
5. Upcoming events (Hawk Happenings)
Nest next week.

next next week Exemplars (Plan for that.)

Questions for administration:

Amy wants to go Rob Clark! None of fourth grade is going. We are sad. :(
Jessica-We have not received the lesson plan email from Suzanne.