Bearcat Weekly

Jan 9-13

Bearcat Praises

Thanks to everyone for making this an awesome week at PPIS to start our 2017 with a bang!

Congratulations again to Mrs. White and Mrs. Boerner on being named our PPISD staff members of the month. As I said before they are both awesome and just work so hard for their students day in and day out. They will be recognized at Wednesday night Board meeting.

Congratulations to Mrs. Price and Mrs. McGee on being named our staff employees of the six weeks. I think the nominations said it all about both of these ladies. Mrs. McGee has just done a tremendous job with her art class this year. She has also brought the theater program to our campus and even led a parent-student painting night. We are blessed to have her here with us. And what more can you say about Mrs. Price. It was exactly right when it was said that she treats these kids just like they are her own. She has such a deep love for them and wears her heart on her sleeve! Thank you both for all you do!

Thanks to everyone for some VERY productive data meetings this week. You have all come up with some great plans for the next six weeks and are starting to make the programs we have in place your own which is very encouraging. I believe we are close to where we want to be and with these final few months ahead there is no doubt we are putting our kids in a position to be very successful on the STAAR test this spring.

Thank you Mrs. Pemberton, Mr. Zepeda and Ms. Nisbett for coming out and braving the cold each and every morning during car duty. I have to admit that I'm a slacker sometimes but those guys are troopers and I appreciate all their help!

Thank you so much to our custodial staff, Patsy, Ramona, Maria and Horenticia. They did a great job cleaning over the break and brought our school back to tip top shape! Hopefully, we can keep it that way for a bit :)

NED is Coming

It's so funny that I have had several students asking who NED is :) Well he will be here on Monday at 1:30pm so we will all find out together! As you saw in Linda's email they will be selling yo-yos after the assembly. Obviously, if students do not use these responsibly then they should be taken away and brought to the office.
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Bearcat Shoutout Challenge

I want to encourage all of you to write a shoutout next week to either another teacher or student. I get several each day from students to you guys and to each other. There is no doubt that one of the most special things to a student would be a shout-out from a teacher. Please take a couple of minutes next week and send a shoutout to someone who's been doing a great job for you!

Show your Strategies party at AT&T stadium

No doubt that you will have students asking about this trip at the end of the year. Just emphasize to them that they need to do 4 things:

1. Do your best in preparing for the STAAR, which means paying attention to tutorials and using their strategies

2. Do your BEST on the STAAR - Using strategies and taking your time

3. Staying out of trouble - Avoiding ISS, OSS and AEP

4. Being in school EVERYDAY, ALL DAY - No more than 3 unexcused absences and limiting early dismissals

I really want you all to focus on sending the message to the kids about them doing their absolute BEST. Make sure they understand that they are in complete control of this and have them power to meet that guideline. The goal has to be growth and not a set score.

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Take your time with Target Students

I want to encourage you all to remember what I said about lining your kids on the back of the wall. Some will need to take more steps WITH you to get to the door. Keep that list of target kids close by and spend more time with them these next few weeks than anyone else. Set up your classes to ensure that happens then measure their growth to see if it made a difference. My guess is that you'll definitely see a change!
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