African American History In Texas

by Vincent C Taylor

The Beginning

The first African arrived in Texas in 1528 escaping the Spanish exploring expedition. His name was Estevan. He brought skills and cultural ideas from Spain and Africa. He spoke Arabic and Spanish. Mr. Estevan lead the way for future African Texas to explore their dreams.

Discrimination to Participation in the 20th Century

During a time when African American Texans were faced with discrimination in jobs, segregation in public schools, and voting limitations all over the Southern region; several African American Texas excelled and realized their dreams in other areas to help bring recognition to the African culture.

Famous African Texans

The End and Beyond

African American Texas always contributed to the culture and economic growth of Texas. Though their struggle for equality has not been easy; African American Texas created their own communities for freedom of religion, to marry, and better wages after the emancipation. The lives of African Americans in Texas forced many moved to Northern cities in search of a better ways of living for their family. Those who stayed; build churches, businesses, and a foundation for future generations. Their stories of struggle and overcoming challenges continue to make a contribution to the culture and society of the Lone Star State today.