Weekly Update

September 19, 2016

Mark Your Calendars

This Week...

Monday, September 19

  • PTSA Yankee Candle Fundraiser Continue
  • BOE Meeting @ Ackerson, 6:00 pm
  • MMS CARES (5th Grade), 3rd Hour @ Cafeteria
  • MMS CARES (6th Grade), 6th Hour @ Band Room

Tuesday, September 20

  • Unannounced FIRE DRILL
  • MS SpEd Team Meeting, 2nd hour

Wednesday, September 21

  • Vision Screening, 5th and 7th grade

Thursday, September 22

  • Faculty / Staff Meeting (Topics: CPS protocols, Go Guardian Chromebook Training, New Attendance Protocol)
  • MMS CARES (7th Grade), 6th Hour @ Gym

And Next Week...

Monday, September 26

  • PTSA Yankee Candle Fundraiser Ends

Tuesday, September 27

  • Builders' Club
  • Admin Meeting @ Ackerson (Jennifer), 1:00 - ??

Wednesday, September 28

  • Time Sheets Due, 12:00 noon

Thursday, September 29

  • MMS CARES (5th Grade), 3rd Hour @ Cafeteria
  • MMS CARES (6th Grade), 6th Hour @ Band Room

Friday, September 30

  • Picture Day
  • Sub Folders Due
  • MEMSPA Board of Directors Meeting (Jennifer)

From the Offfice


  • Welcome Kelly Pomorski, new noon supervisor. Her son, Austin, is in 5th grade. They are new to Manchester. =)

  • 504 accommodation logs have been shared with you. Use them.

  • Did you know that we have created online student statement forms and bully incident reports? A student no longer needs to come to the office to complete either of these. However, should students come to the office they will need to bring their devices with them. We are having ALL of the forms completed online this year. They are located on the middle school's home page. Thank you!

  • It's not too late to become a MCSF patron. If you choose to participate, you get your name entered for a "free day off" of work. If $35 is too much, any amount is accepted. The MCSF gives so much back to our school. The deadline has been extended through Monday, 9/19.

  • Don't forget to let parents know that they can have a parent access to your LMS. Thank you! I also need access to your LMS.

  • As a building, we are working on improving our image with the community and the families we serve. One way we can build positive relationships is by reaching out to parents of students who are struggling. We are not reinstating Failure Is Not an Option, but one aspect of it is worth redeeming: the communication piece. I strongly encourage you to place a phone call or send an email once every two weeks to the families of struggling students. It only takes moments; it makes you look good; and, it shows that we care.

  • Annual evaluation goal meetings will begin soon--look for those invites. The tech department will be loading rosters into NWEA on Monday so that you can see how your current students performed on last spring's assessments. This information may come in handy when designing your SLO. By the way, what do you need to bring to the annual goal meeting? Just your SLO. Use the template that Dr. Mowrer had shared with you in Schoology.

  • A professional development opportunity is coming up. Let me know if you're interested: Title: Preparing for Bias and Bigotry in School During the Presidential Election Cycle

    When: October 13, 4:30-7:00pm

    Where: Washtenaw ISD, 1819 S. Wagner Rd, Ann Arbor


  • Critical information - phone extensions, schedules, timelines, emergency drills, etc.
  • Text alerts through Remind - text @mms5678 to the number 81010.

What You Need to Know About Tracking Your Professional Development

The district is obligated to provide 30 hours of professional development for teachers annually. Twelve hours of this has already been provided through opening day activities. Each teacher will need an additional 18 hours to complete the required amount.

Most of those additional 18 hours will be provided through faculty meetings, but only when learning or training is taking place. (For instance, we cannot count attendance at Honors' Night or the staff holiday breakfast as PD hours).

Additional hours may be obtained through workgroups via WISD (ie--IDLL or EEN). Many of you participated in CBD sessions this summer. That also counts toward your 30 hours. If you sign up for Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S) work or virtual coaching through CBD during your prep, you may add those hours as well. (I highly suggest this to help reach your 30 hours).

You may have chosen to attend other professional development that hasn't been listed above, like webinars, MACUL, etc. That's great, too.

The caveat? There is such a thing as the PD "police," and nearby districts have been audited. We are required by the state to keep attendance of all professional development that teachers have attended.

Mrs. Hopkins does this for us during faculty meetings. CBD has a record of your attendance at this summer's sessions and will have records of your participation in S2S and virtual coaching. The tricky part is getting records of your professional development elsewhere.

If you attend WISD events, you must sign in and sign out. They are sticklers about that. When you attend other events outside of the district, you must also sign in. If you want that particular PD to count toward your 30 hours, the safest thing you can do to show that you have attended is to take a picture of the sign in sheet and send it to your principal--even the WISD ones. We will throw it in a file for auditing purposes.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Manchester Middle School

District Vision:

Educational Excellence in a Caring Community

District Purpose:

Manchester students are provided the stepping stones for success.

District Mission:

Manchester Community Schools, in partnership with parents and community, use best practices to develop the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in all students to ensure they are future ready.

School Mission:

To provide a secure, challenging learning environment which will empower all students to achieve their greatest potential. The MMS team joins the parents and community to assist students in developing skills necessary to become successful, responsible, contributing citizens.