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GCA PTSO Region 12 Newsletter


We have some fun events coming up this fall! I know I'm late getting the September newsletter out but please look for future newsletters at the beginning of each month for news on clubs and outings. Please email me if you would like to start a meet up group or club.

Clubs & Meet Ups

Clubs & Meet UPS

Robotics/Lego Club!!! There is a club-a-brewing down in St. Mary's by Patricia Neleski. More news to come on this so please look for it in October's newsletter!

Do you want to form a meet up or club in your area? Please contact me so I can spread the word for you! I'm thinking "Pancakes in PJ's" or a simple lunch break at the park once a month.

Karla Martin GCA PTSO Region 12 Lead

Contact me anytime! I work so the best way to contact me is email or message me on facebook.