12 Days of Origami Owl Christmas

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Beginning Dec. 1 and ending Dec. 12, place your order and SAVE!

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On the third day of Christmas my O2 Designer gave to me...

FREE plate w/ Locket Purchase

Includes all sizes and finishes! Choose 1 FREE plate per locket purchased.

FREE plate offer begins at 12:00AM CST Dec. 3 and ends at 11:59PM CST Dec. 3.


  • Cannot be combined with any other discount, deal or offering.
  • Individual orders only - cannot be attached to a Jewelery Bar, online or catalog party.
  • Applies to NEW orders only. Cannot be applied to past orders.
  • You may place multiple orders, BUT only the applicable discount for the day you submit will be applied. (Ex. You place an order on Day 1 with a special of Large Locket for medium price+ 4 charms. AND you place an order on Day 4 with a special of Buy 3 get 1 free charms, you WILL not get one of the already ordered charms free. Day 4 discount will apply only to a new order. (Email or call me with questions prior to ordering.)
  • Shipping can be combined if you place multiple orders if the orders are shipped to the same address (or to me if local) AND paid for using the same payment method. Indicate "Leave order open" if you wish to order on multiple days.
  • Applicable taxes will be charged on the full retail value of the purchased items.
  • This designer cannot guarantee the availability of products at the time of purchase, but makes every effort to communicate currently known out of stock and backordered items.
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Daily savings expire at midnight CST on each day. Some daily sales may repeat, but none will be retro active.

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