The Misfits

James Howe


In this scene Bobby and Addie are hanging up posters with names that people would call them all over the school. The names are circled and crossed out. Bobby and Addie quickly hang the posters up in the morning before classes start. Through out the day people are saying "I've been called that" or "Who did this?". Bobby and Addie don't say a word about it. The next day the posters are down and Bobby and Addie are called in to the principals office. In the principals office they have to persuade him and the teacher to allow the third party.

Summary of the book

In Paintbrush Falls Middle school Bobby and the gang of five are trying to run a third party for class president. They are only trying to run a third party for the minorities. They have to go against the principal and teacher. There "Million dollar question" is the no name party. In all hopes they want to win class president. They want to prove that not only popular students can win.