The Holocaust

Ainsley Robinson Acad. 3

This is what the Holocaust is about. The Nazis would send Jews to concentration camps. It was only Jews and people with different color skin other than white. Hitler created the Holocaust and started it. This was not a good idea for Hitler to do.

The mass murder of the Jews was planned and done by Adolf Hitler. First he would take the childrens parents away, then he would take away the children. Hitler would send them to all boys and girls concentration camps. Adolf would send the children and the grown ups to the "shower" , but when they got in it would be a gas chamber and killed most people. After they would do that the camps kept gaining and loosing people. The Holocaust was a very hard thing to live through.

The Holocaust comes from the word holokauston coming the Hebrew Bible. This word means "burnt sacrifice". This word explains the Holocaust very well. Just those two words tells all about the Holocaust, it perfectly describes the Holocaust.