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Raising standards in English through film & digital literacy

Raising standards in English through film and digital literacy @ Novotel York Centre

Tuesday, Jan. 24th 2017 at 8:30am-3:30pm


York, England

The day aims to demonstrate how to successfully embed film and digital literacy into English lessons to positively impact upon standards.

We believe that reading, writing and speaking lessons can be enhanced through film and when used alongside digital media can be enhanced further.

Rob and Mark will present a day of joined up thinking which demonstrates how to easily and effectively weave film, image and digital media into new and existing learning experiences to inspire and engage teachers and pupils alike.

Course Objectives

  • Explore quality visual resources and ways to use materials for maximum impact on progress.
  • Discuss a range of apps and digital literacy ideas that will motivate children as well as developing key literacy skills.
  • Focus on using film and apps to develop speaking and listening opportunities.
  • Demonstrate how a director’s choice to portray something can be used by teachers to inspire discussions and hook people in.
  • Develop a wide range of creative approaches to embedding apps in order enhance the writing process.
  • Establish how stories told in films can be used as scaffolds to help pupils create their own narratives and non-fiction writing.

Rob Smith

After a successful career as a primary school teacher, Rob Smith created The Literacy Shed and has been delivering engaging, practical and entertaining CPD in the UK and abroad since 2012. Rob works closely with schools and delivers high impact conferences in order to raise standards in reading and writing through the use of film and still image.

During the sessions Rob explores a wealth of moving images which range from short films, film trailers, and adverts to documentaries, animations and extracts from Hollywood blockbusters. Rob will show how to teach techniques such as portraying character emotion, building tension and creating atmosphere - a range of tools that they can take back to school and use immediately to create original English units or to weave into existing units in order to enhance them further.

Mark Anderson

Mark is a former assistant head teacher, local authority lead teacher for ICT, a successful head of computing (before it was trendy) and a driving force behind one of the UK’s most successful iPad 1:1 initiatives with more than 20 years classroom experience. An Independent Thinking Associate, Mark is a passionate advocate for developing the modern educator’s toolkit and raising standards using technology. Mark is a proud Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator and Microsoft Certified Educator.

Known as the ICTEvangelist, Mark is an influential award-winning blogger, best-selling author and speaker. Recently recognised as the most influential person in education technology in Europe and the winner of the 'Education Blog of the Year 2015' in the UK Blog Awards 2015.

Championing the importance of a pedagogy first approach to using technology in the classroom, Mark’s book, ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’ has topped the Amazon education book chart.

£149 per ticket

2 x tickets £250 3 + tickets £100 each