LV Intermediate Parent Newsletter

November 1, 2019

Upcoming Events...

November 11 Veteran's Day Choir Performance

November 13 School Jam Intermediate Field Trip

November 22 Thanksgiving Luncheon and Intermediate Fun Run

November 25-29 Thanksgiving Break- No Classes

Destination Learning

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Congratulations to Molly Roberts for receiving the Principal's Choice Award!

Notes from the Office


Students receive a lunch detention for every three tardies they accumulate. Tardies can affect a student receiving perfect attendance and more importantly cause a student to fall behind in academic studies. Please help your student arrive and be in class at 7:45AM each day.


If your child is out of school for any reason, please be sure to inform the front office the reason for the absence. For your convenience, Mrs. Dohm as 2 electronic ways to get her notes:


Fax: 512-267-8363


Please remember that your student brings home graded work in the Wednesday folder each week. Please review that work and encourage your child to correct and return any work that received a grade below 79. Your child may also schedule a time with his/er teacher to correct tests.

From the Student Handbook

Re-do/Re-test Policy (Grades 4-5)

We encourage students to use feedback provided by grades by reflecting on their mistakes

and using it to improve their understanding of concepts being assessed. Please understand

that the re-do/re-test option is not a free pass for students not to study or to turn in carelessly

completed work. In order for a student to have this opportunity, they must do something to

show the teacher that they are committed to improving their performance. This might include

additional time with the teacher, extra practice assignments, or making corrections on

previously completed work. A student may earn up to a 79% on a re-test or re-do of an

assignment. Students may not redo daily grades for which they received a zero.

Daily Grades

1. Students who receive a 79% or lower on a daily assignment will have one opportunity to

re-do an equivalent assignment, as determined by the teacher, for a maximum grade of

79%. Students may not re-do assignments for which they received a zero due to not

completing or turning it in.

2. Students must initiate the process to re-do an assignment. Emailed requests from

parents to re-do an assignment will not be accepted. Handwritten parent notes presented

to the teacher by the student will be accepted in Grades 2-5. The ultimate goal is to

create learners who are able to be effective self-advocates.

3. Students must complete the “re-do” assignment in the calendar week after the

failing grade was earned. (For example, whether a student earns a failing grade on

Tuesday or Friday, they must complete the re-test by the end of the following week. This

is the case, even in the event of “short” weeks containing fewer than 5 days.)

4. Assignments may be given as a home assignment or redone at school. The teacher will

determine which option is most appropriate for each assignment.

5. A student may earn up to a 79% on their re-do of the assignment.

6. A student may not earn a grade lower than the original grade.

***Corrections should be done in the student's handwriting*** Parent Corrections will not be graded and will not earn additional credit.

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We are two weeks away from our kick-off pep rally on November 11th at 9:45am. A letter is going home in Wednesday folders with more information about the program, and how your child can learn healthy habits and make a little money for our school. Pledge kits will be sent home in the coming weeks. This year's Leadership theme is GAME ON, so students will learn more on how to be a great leader during their leadership lessons later this month.

Our Fun Run will take place on Friday, November 22nd at 2:00pm.


The LVHS football team is in the play-offs! If you would like to order a play-off shirt, please download the order form below. All order forms and money must be turned into Lago Vista High School by Wednesday, November 6th. In order to make sure shirts are delivered in time, late orders cannot be accepted.

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Lago Vista ISD uses StayALERT to help keep our schools safe. StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors, suspicious activities, bullying, acts of violence, harassment, and a host of other potential disruptors to school safety.

Users may anonymously report concerns 24-7-365 via the StayALERT website, an e-mail, a phone call to a recorded and monitored line, or via a text message from a cell phone. Photos and video clips pertaining to the StayALERT report may be included. No special app required! Reportable information will be forwarded in a timely manner to a pre-designated school official for review.

To make a report, use one of the methods below:


Call or Text: (206) 406-6485