The Beginning

The Aztecs began as a small tribe in northwestern Mexico until 1116 CE. They got a message from a god to look for a sign, the sign was (a eagle standing on a cactus eating a snake). They settled there and began their empire.

The Rise of The Aztecs. The Aztecs where powerful so they fought and conquered land. They where on the rise and since that they had a huge city. The Aztecs where so powerful.


The Aztecs Social community. The education of the girls and the boys are very different. The boys go to school until they are seventeen, but the girls only a few. The people spend their free time crafting and and farming.


The Aztecs government and politics. They had only one king but many gods. They also practiced human sacrifice. They used bartering for trade and had a bird called a quetzal bird that was sacred. Their government was somewhat complex.


The Aztec architectural and achievements. They where great craftsman they built floating gardens called "Chinampas". They built clocks in the shape as a wheel and dikes witch are used to control water. The Aztecs built a lot of great things.

The Fall

The demise of the Aztec empire. The fall began when Hernado Cortes came, he betrayed the Aztecs and took their gold. The Spanish brought deceases and Cortes also arrested there leader. Once Cortes came The Aztec empire just was threw.