World War One Trues

By: Jake Dawson

Trues of World War One

World War one was one of the most bloodiest wars in history. This war had a war zone called the Western Front which was in France, Germany, and Belgium. The Western Front had trenches which took up all the land. The trenches where 478 miles long which was about the whole Western Front. These trenches where not the best place to live. If you did live there then you would here guns firing all day long. The trenches were always wet, and the trenches also had disease and dead bodies. The Central and Allied powers where finding constantly, But one day something happened on christmas day. A christmas Merical happened.

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning a christmas carol sing off happened on both sides of the trenches. All the fighting had stopped. No gun shots where fired. Then the Germans started coming out of the trenches saying merry christmas. The Allied forces thought at first it was a trick, but later they found out it was not. Both sides went into No Man's Land. A place where many people where last seen. Gifts where given to both sides a game of football a.k.a soccer was even recorded. No one ever forgot what happened that day. That day was a day where people saw there enemies as themselves. It was a day of joy, But joy did not stay for long. The next day they went back to fighting ,but a note was found saying we shoot at the stars. So this us all the next time you find happiness in something treasure it because it may never happen again.