The Five People you Meet in Heaven

By Mitch Albom


Eddie is the character the book is based around. He is an 83 year old war veteran with a bad leg who has lost everyone and has been working at the same place for most his life. Ruby Pear. As the book says "At the time of his death, Eddie was a squat, white haired old man, with a short neck, barrel chest, thick forearms, and a faded army tattoo on his right shoulder." [Page 2 lines 1-3] Eddie was based off of Mitch Albom's uncle, Edward Beitchman. Eddie, on his 83rd birthday is killed while trying to save a little girl who was put into danger from the pear's newest attraction, Freddy's Free Fall. Now Eddie must go through heaven meeting the five people who changed his life the most.

Is the Five people you Meet in Heaven any good?

The Five people you Meet in Heaven is extremely good, a lot better then what i initially was going to read, the old man in the sea, I loved this book because it was interesting to see how the people the five people Eddie met affected his life in some way.

Seven Million Copies Sold

The Accident...

To Eddie, this was just a normal day at Ruby Pear, except it was his 83rd birthday but this was Not a normal day. Little did Eddie know, this was the day he died... the day starts 60 minutes before Eddie's death, everything carries out normal, scaring off teens who annoyed him, going on a roller coaster with some kids who looked up to him. When something went wrong, Freddy's Free Fall had broken down with people on it. A small girl was under the ride when it dropped, Eddie catapulted himself off his bad leg and the last thing he felt were two small hands in his...

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