Six Flags

My Science Summer

Physical Science

The roller coaster I was on included potential and kinetic energy, friction and gravity. Engineers examine the acceleration of the roller coaster cars as they move around the track. They need to know that all true roller coasters are driven by force and gravity.

Most Interesting Thing Part of My Visit

I went to Six Flags multiple times this year but the best time was when I went with my cousins. There were some roller coasters that I haven't been on at the time like goliath or raging bull. We were in line for raging bull and I was second thinking it but I went on it and I had the best time. The first thing I wanted to do was goliath which isn't my favorite but its so much fun. After that I couldn't wait to go again.

3 Things About Me

Some of things about me is that I love to play sports and I love to be outside. I play hockey at Glacier hockey rink. I have three dogs. My family and I found one of them on the road. She is blind in one eye and weirdly bosses my other dogs around