Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

book report by Mrs. Machado's and Ms. Vanhooser's book club

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Raven King


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Jack and Annie were given a mission by Merlin. Their mission was to put the castle back in order. They had to find the diamond of destiny and return it to the duke's castle. Read this book and find out what happened to Jack and Annie. Did they find the diamond?

Kenzie said:

"I liked this book because I love reading the treehouse books. They are very exciting!"

Simon said:

"I liked it because Mary Pope Osborne is my favorite author."

Madison said:

"I liked the book because it was very interesting and it was my first time reading a Magic Treehouse book."

Meagan said:

"I liked the book because it gives you information at the same time as entertaining you."

Sean said:

"It was really good because it is kind of exciting at first and it got more exciting as we read it."