I have lived a thousand years

By: Livia Bitton-jackson, Smore by: Blake Selby

Three historical references about the book.

1. There were concentration camps (death camps)

2. There were gas chambers.

3. There were gettos.


The main characters in the book "i have lived a thousand years" the main characters are Ellie and her Mother. Ellie and her mother both go into a concentration camp together and try to help each other survive.


I would recommend the book because it is a true story and it is good to read about someone's point of view of a really horrible thing that happened in our world's past. Also it is very interesting to know what some people did in the concentration camps.


The time period of this book is around world war 2 and this book was in Germany in an concentration camp.


A major problem was that Ellie and her mother were sent to a concentration camp in Germany. The solution was that Ellie and her mother were freed from the concentration camp.


  • "Mommy there is a worm in your soup."
  • "Bubi please dont die." "Why did daddy have to leave us?"