Selling Our Games

For Miss Kinder's Fashion and Interior Design Class

Selling to our customers, the parents.

Although we are aiming for children and other gamers to be our consumers, we should be directing advertisement to the parents that would be purchasing the games for their children. The children do not have the capability or money to buy our products.

Advertising Now and Here

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 12am

Television channels for generally older audiences and parenting magazines.

We should aim our advertising at the parent's general vicinity. This would be commercials on channels with shows that have generally older audiences (Such as the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones) as well as parenting magazines where printed advertisements could be displayed.

Marketing strategies

  • Emotional appeal: A child with the game telling her father how thankful she is.
  • Emotional appeal: a child having a great Christmas while playing his newest video game.
  • Education themes: Showing a parent how much their child will learn from the game
  • Jokes or puns: Making the advertisement funny and entertaining
  • Price: emphasizing how inexpensive the product is