The CSI Effect KS3, KS4 & KS5

Raising Aspirations & Attainment in Science & STEM

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  • Forensic Science is a multi-disciplinary subject and this practical, hands-on workshop reflects this by drawing together and building on aspects of other core curriculum subjects, covering a range of scientific practices, to extend the learner’s knowledge of practical applications of science principles and techniques
  • This workshop introduces and develops the skills set, understanding and knowledge of scientific processes and their application to Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation
  • Engage the students in Scientific enquiry using Forensic Science
  • Give students the opportunity to explore areas of Forensic Science up to BTEC & Applied Science levels
  • Allow students to participate in practical ‘hands-on’ science activities using authentic forensic equipment
  • Broaden students enthusiasm for Science and STEM subjects, encouraging them to be active and curious and to consider STEM related careers & professions
  • Teach students that Science is all around them - gain a greater understanding of scientific enquiry and it’s wider aspects
  • Allow students to gain confidence in their own thoughts and how to communicate ideas to different groups & work within a Team to problem solve
  • Students will learn how these Forensic Science techniques relate and integrate into everyday life and the importance that this specialist skill-set plays within today’s Criminal Justice System, encouraging & supporting Crime Prevention
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