Human impacts on the ocean today

How we affect the ocean and how we can help the ocean today

Negative ways we affect the ocean

Today our oceans have been affected by oil spills,human development,overfishing ,pollution, and by to much fertilizer in the water.These terrible things hurt our ocean and the ecosystem inside of the ocean.Oil spills can be very dangerous,they can hurt millions of living organisms in the ocean and the living outside of the ocean.Oil spills can not only hurt animals but can cause our ocean to turn parts of it black making it very dangerous to us and all the living animals in the ocean.Human development near the coast of the ocean has a really big affect on the ocean,it can cause the ocean to erode crust or rocks a lot faster.When this happens the ersoin can happen more quickly then its suppose to and can lead to waters rising and the change in increasing temperature. Overfishing is another really bad affect we have on the ocean, each year many sailors fish for tuna,crab, and many other fish in big nets to provide us with nutrients from the fish for food. But when overfishing takes place more fish are caught, reducing the fish species which can lead to extinction of the fish where they can not repopulate themselves to survive. Pollution is very big deal to all,outside on land or in the ocean each day we see trash and chemicals in the water, these trash and chemicals goes into runoffs which leads to the ocean. Once pollution gets to the ocean trash is everywhere which harm the animals, fish will sometimes eat the trash as food which can kill them and as for the chemicals fish swim in the chemicals which can make them very sick and die. And last but not least one more way we affect the ocean is by having to much fertilizer in the water, farmers use fertilizer to help their plants grow, but once rain comes it swoops up the fertilizer and makes it goes to a stream or runoff leading to the ocean. Once fertilizer gets to ocean it can cause the growth of algae, algae can be very dangerous it can cause the coral to not get enough sunlight to make oxygen which can lead to a dead with no fish and fertilizer can also makes the organisms very sick which can lead to death.

Postive ways we affect the ocean

ways we help the ocean

After many bad affects on our ocean people have passed laws to stop overfishing, oil pollution act of 1990,Magnusson act, ocean conserve pick up trash, Dec to protect the costal erosion, and the ''no till'' methods for framers. These laws and methods have helped our ocean so much it made people change how they look at the sea and the ecosystem in it. The Magnusson act has helped change how much fish will be caught by sailors, this act has been around for 35 years changing fishing for many people though it might affect sea business for people,but it helps with the fish and their species. We can help to protect the fish by not sailing for fish and eating lots and lots of fish, so that the fish can repopulate to survive in their ecosystem. The ocean conservancy has been put to place to help pick up all the trash on the beach and on the sea, so it can protect wildlife and make our beaches less dirty. This act has been around for 25 years protecting and picking up trash found in the water, many people have been helping this group to save wildlife,if we didn't have this act all the trash would still be in the ocean and kill wildlife and our beaches will be more and more dirty not even being able to walk on it. The oil spill act of 1990 has been passed to clean up oil spills coming from oil drills and boats crashing. This law was passed in 1990 to prevent any future oil spills occurring, when oil spills have people have been cleaning up the oil to save millions of ocean life from dying. The DEC law is to protect the costal erosion from happing to fast, they have determined to stop a lot of human development near the ocean to slow the erosion down. When they do this they protect the oceans temapture from going to high and protecting the water so it dose not get to high on a high tide which can lead to some weather and climate changes in the area . Last but not least is the "No till" act, this act has helped framers from using to much fertilizer on their crops so that no fertilizer lands in runoffs and the ocean. Framers have adopted this method so now that 36 percent of us cropland has been using less fertilizer to take care of the ocean and their corps, now there is less dead zones in a lot of areas around us. We don't want the ocean and their ecosystem to die so please throw your trash away and use less fertilizer, and not overfish to much for the ocean is an important part of us it gives us 50% of our oxygen so plz take care of the ocean.