Effects of Alcohol on the Body

You're Gonna' Lose, If You Mess With the Booze

The Booze Takes Effect

Alcohol can attack a person on both fronts, mental, and physical health. Intoxication can cause confusion, speech impairment, lack of coordination and focus, dizziness, and fatigue.

Stomach Churners

At a physical standpoint, the average alcoholic will experience, violent vomiting, unconsciousness, trouble breathing, low blood sugar, seizures, and death.

Side Effects of Alcohol Poisoning

The source

"Where does alcohol come from exactly?" some people may ask, when in reality, it can be created in factories. It is made in a process called fermentation, when sugars in food are synthetically switched with yeast or bacteria, creating alcohol.

The Verdict

Too many people die while drinking and driving every year. People who end up killing someone else in a car after they had too much to drink have nightmares about the incident for the rest of their lives. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held so alcoholics can share stories about alcohol ruined their lives. Alcohol must be deemed ILLEGAL! One idea to prevent alcohol abuse is to never touch a drop, period.