Weekly Update

For the week of December 7th

Staff Holiday Party

I am hoping everyone is looking forward to coming together on Thursday afternoon at Nick and Claire's home. Food and fun for everyone.

Thursday at 7pm is also the High School Band Concert.

What a conference!

Wow. I am almost caught up on my sleep from the amazing four day Principal's Conference. I meet great people, heard remarkable speakers, trudged through the vendors show, and enjoyed several sessions. Jennifer Mayes was a Practicing principal Honoree, and her video was so fun. The Klager video was so different and creative. There was not a dry eye in the room when the Mayes boys jumped up at the end and said they loved their mom. Ask Melissa for a peek at the video, or better yet let's ask her to send it out to all of us.

I came away with a wonderful reminder about how great American Education is and how we are really moving forward. Every speaker spoke to the need for us to tell our story. We are rocking so many things. We are great people. We have an outstanding school and incredible students and parents. Like everyone we make mistakes, but if we use the mistakes as learning opportunity we are moving forward.

One of the main goals I have for the new year will be to tell our story to everyone, in any and every way possible. Look for more in the coming weeks.

I will also be out and about more and look to start "Appy Hour" by February.


Classroom teachers currently using eSpark will meet with the Anthony on their planning time on December 7th. Anthony will arrive at noon and needs to leave by 2:55 for a conference call at 3:00 that he will take in his car. He will start with kindergarten at 12:10 in the small conference room. First grade is next, same place at 12:55. Second grade plus Cindy H will meet at 1:45 and third grade plus Kathy will meet at 2:25. All groups need to meet in the small conference room as the other meeting room is used for pre scheduled meetings.

(Kathy and Cindy, please stop by the office and let Katie know if you would like to switch spots.)

On December 14th, Amie and Mary will be trained to begin using the eSpark. They will meet in the afternoon in the small conference room.

Senior Citizens Luncheon

I have decided to close the first rehearsal as an assembly. This is the first time the groups move through this event and time needs to be focused. I know that we all wish we could have the option to view the event. Several of the photographers will be invited to video the event. My Ethan will take the videos and create an iMovie that can be uploaded to youtube. It should be ready by by Wednesday.

Third and Fourth Grade classrooms: Please send me a list of who you have chosen for the leadership roles by Tuesday afternoon. If you have any questions about the leadership roles, email me,

Julie Charney did a super job getting the wreaths created that will be used for the Senior Citizens Favors. Thanks Kathy O for purchasing these for the event.

Julie has also prepared the Building Ambassador conversations, and they will be on cards by Monday afternoon.

Fourth Grade teachers, please send me a list of who you have chosen as guides and ambassadors by Monday afternoon. fI get a chance, I can have them run a trial run on Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday.

First and Second Grade: I know that your friends may get out a bit late to recess after singing, and I will talk to the recess staff about keeping the students out for at least 15 minutes and then a solid twenty for eating in the room.

PTO Vendors Show

Thanks to the PTO and all of the volunteers for making the Vendors Show possible. This event was a great stop on the way during a day of fun shopping during Christmas in the Village. I even saw Helen Nickerson at the show and she is looking great!

Senior Citizen's Luncheon Rehearsals

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 12:45-2:45pm

Klager Gym

Senior Citizen's Luncheon

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 10:45pm to Thursday, Dec. 10th, 12:45pm

Klager gym

Data Day

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 10:45pm to Friday, Dec. 11th, 3pm

Room 115

I look forward to discussing math with classroom teachers during their planning time.

Klager Movie Night

Friday, Dec. 11th, 5:30pm

Klager Gym

It's the Polar Express!

The Villarreal Fmaily

I did not realize how dependent on my MacBook I was until it was broken. The first night I was in Kalamazoo my computer was rendered useless. I tried to stay up with my iPad and phone, but my eyes were not ready for this great challenge. Plus they ran us ragged at the conference, there was no down time.

Thanks to the Apple store I am up and running, gotta love the "Apple Bar".