Room 115 News

Schenk & Schneider ~ Winter 2016

House Keeping Items

Winter Weather

Please continue to send in all of the necessary winter clothes for your child to go outside. We are lucky to be able to split with Mrs. Pettit's class for recess, so the kids usually have a daily choice of going outside or staying in during recess. Also, we appreciate any help with reminding your child to pack sneakers if they plan on wearing boots to school.

Dressing in Layers

We are encouraging the kids to dress in layers so that they are comfortable in the classroom during the winter months. Our room can get a little chilly at times. To avoid feeling too cold, or too hot, a sweater or sweatshirt with other layers can be very helpful.

Habits of Mind

Throughout the school day, and also during our once a cycle class meeting, we have discussed a great deal what it means to show persistence and to persevere. We have discussed that it's okay to not know the answers, and that it's more important to always keep trying and not give up even when something is hard, particularly classwork and homework. Anything you can do to encourage these types of habits at home would be great!


We recently finished reading personal narratives in guided reading. The kids are now practicing reading reader's theater scripts that connect to our social studies unit on explorers. We are also incorporating short reads to change up the pace a little.

In writing workshop the kids are also finishing up with their own personal narratives. It has been a big unit involving lots of revising of their writing pieces. It has not been easy for them, but they are going to have fantastic finished products!


In our math class we are finishing up our unit on landmark numbers that has focused on place value, comparing numbers, and adding and subtracting larger numbers. Our next unit will focus on fractions. Please continue to have your child practice their math skills every night for 5-10 minutes. We appreciate your help with this!

Social Studies & Science

We are currently learning about the European explorers that relate to modern day New York State. The kids have done some research on Henry Hudson, Giovanni da Verazzano, and Samuel de Champlain. We have discussed what these explorers were looking for, why they were looking for it and what they actually found.

In science we completed our electricity unit. The kids enjoyed putting circuits together and seeing how different components work together to create a system that electricity flows through. The experiment that spurred the most excitement was lighting a regular size lightbulb with D cell batteries. Our next science unit will be about sound.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, 2/10 - Book Orders Due
  • Friday, 2/12 - Class Valentine's Day Party
  • 2/13-2/21 - No School - Winter Break
  • Thursday, 3/24 - Colonial Day
  • 3/25-4/3 - No School - Spring Break
  • 4/5-4/7 - NYS ELA test
  • 4/13-4/15 - NYS Math test
  • Monday, 4/18 - No School - Superintendent's Conference Day