Enrol in Morden High School

Because Morden School is a modern school

Join the best school on PAC land.

Featuring many new and improved facilities. Students love this brilliant school and the faction carnival between the Teachers and the students is a great and fun activity.

Enrol on the 21st August

Join one of the fabulous factions, Nanger, Burdry, Morden or Tori. When the sports Carnival comes, all teachers will unite under the faction Cook, to go against the students for the house Cup. Be sure to be there. Enrolments close by the 3rd of January

Some of our top Instructors

This school is guaranteed to be fun and educational

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?I am glad to say that residents of PACland get free entry for two years. This comes with a free laptop and all the equipment. For those who are coming from overseas, to this award-winning school will need to contact the principal, Mr. Neamly.

Enrolment for Morden Primary School

Wednesday, Aug. 21st 2013 at 9pm to Friday, Jan. 3rd, 11:45pm

23 Random road PACland