Ethics of Mars Colonization

by Benna Zaretski

Is it ethical to expose people to unknown levels of human isolation and physical danger?

It would not be ethical to expose humans to this because it could harm Martian life forms, it could impact Earth negatively, and it could be harmful to the Solar System. On the other hand, it could answer many question scientists have regarding whether or not we can colonize on another planet, it could be a potential planet for when the Earth reaches maximum capacity.

Will these pioneers lack privacy for the rest of their lives so that we might watch what happens?

They would lose all their privacy. This is because we, the people on Earth, would have to track and record everything they do for the rest of their lives. Everything, meaning when they eat, when they sleep, where they go, etc. On the contrary, losing all privacy may be inevitable if humans wish to continue colonizing.

Is it ethical to conceive or birth a child in space or on Mars? And, if so, who protects the rights of a child not born on Earth and who did not consent to the risks? If we say no children in space, does that mean we sterilize all astronauts who volunteer for the mission?

It would not be ethical to conceive or birth a child in space or on Mars because the child would be born weaker than the children on Earth, the child wouldn't survive at all, and there wouldn't be enough supplies to take care of the child and the astronauts. However, sending humans to Mars may be essential for human survival, so that would be the only reason why it would be ethical.

How would sick colonists be cared for if the new colony is severely lacking in resources?

Well, there's two possibilities that will be mentioned. The first one being, they get sterilized before they are sent off to prevent them from any sickness or illness that could harm them while up in Mars. The second one is that if resources are extremely scarce, then we have that colonist take note of everything that they have done since their arrival, then wait for them to die. Yes, it may sound unethical, but everyone dies at some point. Everyone has to die.

Venus may be a better planet to colonize.

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