Mt. Rushmore

Darin Ellis


The four faces on Mt. Rushmore are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It was designed by Gutzon Borglum. Mt Rushmore is at Keystone, South Dakota near the Black Hills. They were finished with the heads in 1941. The people I want on my Mt. Rushmore is my Dad, my Mom, my Brother, and my Nephew.

My Dad

My first person is my Dad, Don D.Ellis.He teachs me things I should know, right from wrong and how to do things. He help me out with many things, like picking me up from school or friends houses.

My Mom

The second face I want on my Mt. Rushmore is my mom, Donna L. Ellis. She makes me and.buys me food. For example she make chicken on Sundays. She buys things I need

and want. My mom might buy me a game.

My Brother

My third person is my brother, Marcus E. Ellis. I want him because he always plays

with me. We like playing Xbox or football. Another reason is because he buys me things. He

has bought me a game or a doughnut.

My nephew

The fourth person I want on my Mt. Rushmore is my nephew Ray O.D.Debrie. One reason is that he is so playful. On his birthday or at Christmas time, he is fun to play

with. Another reason is he so cute. When ever he smiles he looks socute.


So,to wrap up,you just read about my Mt Rushmore.The people you just read about is my Dad, Mom, Brother, and Nephew. You can't see my Mt Rushmore, but the real one you can.