Getting Started with your Kindle

Congrats! You have new Kindles to use with your students! Now what? Use the following information to create your Amazon account, register your Kindles, and get started downloading apps!

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Creating an Amazon Account

If you have already tried to register your Kindle with your RPS email, you may have discovered it will not work to allow you to download. You can use your existing Amazon account and create a student profile for students to use on your devices. The profiles will keep the content completely separate.

If you are not okay with that, check out the following video to create an Amazon Account just for your school devices. As with any Amazon account, you will need to connect your account to a credit card. A Visa Gift Card will work!

Create a New Amazon Account

Click this link to go to the PDF instructions with links to set up your account.

Accessing RPS WiFi

During your Kindle set-up process, you will need to connect the device to the WiFi. Click the link to get connected to RPS WiFi.
Connect to WiFi from your Kindle

Click here for directions to get you connected to the WiFi.

Registering your Kindle

In order for you to be able to tap into the power of the free apps offered on the Amazon Kindle Fire, you will need to register your Kindle with your Amazon account. You may use your own account or connect it to the account you created especially for school use. (Later we will show you how to protect your information so that students are unable to download apps on the device). Registering also allows you to transfer purchases between devices and Kindle reading apps.

To register your Kindle Fire:

  1. From Home, swipe down from the top of the screen, and then tap More.

  2. Tap My Account.

  3. Tap Register.

    • If you already have an Amazon account: Enter your Amazon account information.

    • If you do not have an Amazon account: Tap Create Account to set up a new account.

  4. If you need to deregister your device from your Amazon account, follow the steps above, and then tap Deregister. After you deregister your device from your Amazon account, you won't be able to access items stored in the Cloud or items previously downloaded through other devices and Kindle reading applications.

Setting up Profiles in your Amazon Account

Create a student profile to add to your devices to ensure that the content students see is protected and they are unable to download apps without your permission.

Protecting Your Account with Parental Controls

With Parental Controls, you can restrict access to Web browsing, shopping from the Amazon Store or Amazon Shop app, or playing Prime Video.

To set up Parental Controls:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to show Quick Settings, and then tap More.
  2. Tap Parental Controls and then tap On.
  3. Enter a password, confirm your password, and then tap Finish. Once you've set a password, you can restrict one or more of the following:
    • Web browsing
    • The Email, Contacts, and Calendars apps
    • The ability to purchase from the content stores on your device (for example, the Amazon Appstore) *Turn this feature off to prevent any downloads from the student profile.*
    • The ability to play Prime Video
    • Specific content types (for example, Books or Apps)
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Location-based Services *Turn this feature on. This will allow the Find My Fire option to work in the event your device gets lost.*

Note: Make sure that you record your password. If you forget your Kindle Parental Controls password, you need to reset your Kindle Fire to factory defaults to restore full access. This removes all content and account information from your device. After resetting, you can reregister your Kindle Fire, and redownload your content from the Cloud. You can access and download your content from the Cloud at any time.

When you set up and enable Parental Controls, a lock icon appears at the top of the screen.

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