We are becoming something more...

A small but monumental shift is coming September 28th

We are not saying what just yet...

We have "burned down" our firm and have reworked it from the foundation up. There has been a shift in what clients need to assist them in building their business. We have been part of that growth for many companies now since 1998. We think it is time to become something more...

Marcus Padulchick

Hello, You may know me or Sandra Pendragon and what our firm Source Excellence has been offering our clients since 1998. We bring "new eyes" on what many see as problems with their business. We see it a little differently.

Thanks for letting us share a very small moment with you about something we are very much in love with. Change.

Our Re-Launch date is September 28th. Please look for more information that may be of interest to you or someone you know.


From today until our launch we will be doing "Scopes" on the Periscope app. (Marcus Padulchick @AskMarcus) (Sandra Pendragon @Pendragon3). We will be tweeting, and of course on Facebook at Marcus Padulchick & Sandra Pendragon.


All the best in business

Marcus & Sandra