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15 iPad Apps to Enhance Student Creativity

Here is a link that highlights fifteen different apps to use with students to enhance creativity. Many have already been purchased or uploaded on student iPads already!

Following is a quick 2 minute video on why creativity is important in schools.

Why is Creativity Important in Education? Sir Ken Robinson Video Series from Adobe Education

App Spotlight!


This free app and Web 2.0 tool is worth looking at! Keep your students focused and participating during a presentation. Nearpod allows a teacher to create slides that can be synchronized to all student iPads during class! The teacher controls the slide show to keep students together and focused during a discussion. The cool part is that many of these slides can be made interactive, and the teacher gets to see results instantly. SO, in the middle of a class discussion, you can ask students to respond to what you are teaching by participating with a slide that asks for a multiple choice response, user created answer, a sketch of something, or a poll. The teacher sees the class results instantly! They can also click on interactive links that play a short video or take them to an important website. Think of it as PowerPoint meets Clickers on steroids. Don't have time to create your own slide? Download one of the thousands of already created ones; many (but not all) are free!

Here is a link to their website:

You can see more about the app here: