iOS Apps For Mobile Learning

educational apps for k-12


In this module we needed to find 5 apps that would support personal mobile learning and explain how they may be used inside and outside of school. I chose to research iOS apps to contribute to PML.

5 iOS apps for Personal Mobile Learning

Wiki Speaker

Wiki Speaker reads out loud the content from wikipedia. this is a great feature to have as a research tool for students that may not be the most efficient at reading. as it reads the content full screen slides pop up to give students a better visual understanding of the content as well.

Construction Calc

This app is great for doing math using imperial measurement because it allow you to punch in the fractions. This will allow students to work with imperial measurement which is the most common form of measurement used in the carpentry trade with out spending to much time converting the decimals each time they need to make a calculation.

Construction Estimator

Construction estimator allows students to plan out projects and gain some foresight into the construction of a project. This app also allows student to figure out the material cost of a project and has an archive of images showing what different building components look like.


imovie is a video editing app that allows students to create movies using video clips and images to communicate there ideas as an alternative form of communicating. This app is easy to learn and allows for easy sharing.


Everything is posted on YouTube now a days, for students the abundance of resources that can be used is endless. Not only can students watch youtube videos but they can also share videos that they have created them selves.