Computer Components

Inside Your Computer...


Hard Drives ;

They hold Memory (kb,mb,gb,tb)tb is the biggest it can hold there are all different shapes and sizes.


The monitor is the screen that allows you to see what the computer is doing.

C.P.U (Central Proccesing Unit)

C.P.U is the brains for the computer it does all the calculations and most of the work .

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is memory that can be accessed at random,it is the most common found memory in a computer.

ROM (read only memory)

ROM is a circuit that is programmed when its made they are not only used for computers other electronics aswell.


A motherboard is the main essential base component for a computer it holds the little components together and commands the other components.


The input is like you type a letter from your keyboard the it goes through the motherboard and outputs it on your screen like if i typed 'n'on the keyboard it would go through the proccess then appear on the screen.

Touch Screen

The touch screen is a screen that when you touch it it alerts a sensor inside the hardware that sends a electric pulse to the display wichthen displays what you touched.