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January 20, 2021

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Dear VBL Families,

Welcome to 2021! As we have started this semester in ‘Remote’ learning, I want to reach out to you with an update.

We are resuming on campus instruction on Monday, January 25th in ‘Hybrid’ learning, following the A/B schedule for grades 7 and 8. Grades 6 and 9 will continue to come to school each day. (the numbers of students are low enough in these grades to be able to accommodate this)

Although the public health benchmarks do not currently look good, we are aware that there is no evidence that any transmission of the Coronavirus occurred on our campus last semester. In fact, evidence from school data is pretty clear that schools are very low transmission zones. The COVID dashboard is available on the district website.

If you would like to have your middle school or high school student continue to work from home until numbers are lower, please reach out to me via email and let me know.

Please note the following schedule changes:

Wednesday, January 27th is no longer scheduled to be an early release day. This will be a regular school day.

Parent teacher conferences will happen via Zoom and will be on Thursday the 11th (early release, 12:30) and Friday the 12th of February (no school).

All Fridays will continue to be an elective day and students will work from home.

2/19 No school - Vail Pride Day events for staff planned

2/25 No school - Rodeo Break

Our goal is to resume instruction and to avoid having to quarantine, so please make sure that if anyone in your household is showing flu like symptoms that you notify the school and keep students away from campus. If anyone in your home has tested positive for COVID or has been exposed to anyone with COVID please notify our attendance clerk, Jeannie Mindziak at 879-1302, or for instructions. Following the CDC guidelines for school attendance will help keep us open, and get us through this semester.

Students are expected to follow their schedule Monday - Thursday from home exactly as they are now, including using the Learning Lab time for Edmentum.

Please remind students to be on time for each class with camera and microphone on and follow the same behavior and academic expectations that would be expected if they were here. Our goal is to make this as close to being at school as possible.

In addition to academic classes, Ms. Wrona will be continuing with the social groups each week. 7th grade on Mondays at 9:00, 6th grade on Tuesday at 2:00, 8th grade on Wednesdays at 2:00. High school students may join for any day. Click here to join at your scheduled time.

Students and parents are assigned and notified if they have re-teach classes from 3:00-3:30 each week through email. Please help your student adapt their schedule when they are assigned re-teach. This is the time students have the opportunity to change their formative grades and learn concepts the

Thank you for all of your support in this unusual circumstance. Please reach out for any reason.


At Home Learning Expectations

  • Student will participate in lessons according to their schedule each day.
  • Rigorous grade level content in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts will be provided by teachers.
  • Lessons will be delivered through Schoology.
  • Student attendance will be counted DAILY.
  • Parents and students will be given training in Schoology, Edmentum and other needs.
  • Teachers will maintain connections with students through scheduled Schoology and Zoom Opportunities.
  • Grading and feedback will be provided to students in a timely manner.
  • Advanced math and re-teach will be available to students. Students in advanced math will be able to attend attend their recorded class at any time. Re-teach will be available daily directly following the instruction time.
  • Re-teach will be assigned based upon formative testing results each week. Students and parents will be notified if they are required to attend re-teach.
  • Special Education Support will be provided by Camille Haynie and our Special Education Support Team.
  • All public, group and private chats comments are appropriate and relevant to topic
  • Video and Microphone on at all times
  • Speaker Courtesy - Active Listening skills
  • Calendars in Google cal
  • Eat and restroom during your learning lab times
Schoology Account Information

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