123.hp.com/setup guide Instruction


123.hp.com/setup guide Instruction for windows user

  • After unboxing your printer out of the box make sure to remove all the packing from the printer and then plug your printer into the power supply. And very important connect your printer to the internet at your place

  • Once your hp printer is turned on just make sure that you have an active internet connection on your device with which you want to connect your printer with such as smartphone, computer, tablet or else

  • Now on your device go to your browser and on the URL type 123.hp.com/setup and then press search or hit enter

  • After this you will see a new page will load and it will ask you to type your model number you can type the model number of your printer in the search box and hit search after that

  • A new page will come up where it will give you multiple options and you have to select the driver package option and then click download on it

  • You will see that on your device there will be an exe file downloaded on your system. Find your exe file for your hp printer. Execute the exe file by clicking on run then you will see the on-screen instruction please follow them

  • After running the exe file a box will appear where it will find your printer on your IP address after a few seconds it will display your printer name along with your hp printer model number.

  • Then click on the new option you will see that it will install the driver package on your computer or device as per your hp printer requirement

  • Finally you will see that it will ask you to register your product you can skip this option if you don’t want to register your product but hp recommend you to register your product (this is how you can claim your warranty with the hp customer service team or by contacting hp )

  • Finally your product is ready and you can start using your device

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