Technology: Hero or Villain?

Do computers negatively affect student growth?

Where do you stand?

Let's find out how we use technology in the classroom. Answer a few questions in a Google form. You can either enter this shortened URL (case sensitive) or use the QR code below. To use the QR code you must have QR scanner on your phone or tablet.

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What's wrong with technology?

Too Much Technololgy

Who or what is essential to make sure that the issues above aren't a problem?

Not Enough Technology


Technology can really cut down on the time teachers use to:

  • Grade
  • Collect and track data
If we used technology right we could decrease the number of teachers and save money.

What is lacking or missing if you use machines and programs to collect data and grade papers?

What's the solution?

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Students need to use technology, not just teachers.

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Check 'em out!

Look at your assigned Tech App TEKS. Highlight the verbs and pay attention to what students are doing. Be prepared to share one thing you noticed, thought was interesting, or have a question about.

Need some inspiration?

The Future of Teaching & Learning (Edited version of the Shift in New Brunswick public education)