Wicked Bugs

Amy Stewart


Read all about it. Deadly, dangerous bugs running rampage all through out history around through out the world.

The Mountain Pine Beetle is a very destructive on the American west where they have mostly destroyed about 3.4 million acres in the year 1907. So if anyone see these destructive creatures call the local police and they will assist you in you need of help.

The Fire Ant is one of the most painful ants. this ants are a native of south america and can take over birds nest and homes to some small rodents. they can also mess with electrical wires and chew through insulation to get to the wires. these are very dangerous do not think that they are so small that they are so easy to kill. So if you see one in your house its possible that there will be many more to come in your future.

The Black widow is known to be one of the venomous spiders ever. this spider is very dangerous so to proceed with caution if you have seen this spider if you must you can remove or relocate it to a place where it could not hert anyone the you care for any loved ones. The Black Widow was aslo known to make people cause suicide.

Syndromes and phobyas

insects dont just cause pain and natrual desasters they can aslo cause mental issues. For example Dead insect Sydrome cause a person to kill a bug on site, the most common place to find this is at campsites. Another is Perfect leaf sydrome which happends if someone finds a eaten leaf they will call the park manager. So this tells alot that insects do more to us than we thought orginaly