Imani D.

"The Great Depression"

What was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a time when a majority of people didn't have enough money to feed their family. They couldn't buy clothes, or food.


The leader during the great depression was president hoover. President Hoover took some actions improving the economy. The government was involved with the great depression. After Hoover done his four years Franklin Delano Roosevelt became our new president. FDR made The New Deal. The New Deal was so called the ''alphabet soup''. The New Deal program spent $500 millon to feed the poor people.


Th e stock market crash is what began the great depression. the stock market crashed because the stocks kept dropping lower and lower. An average of 100,000 people lost their jobs because of the stock market crash. Many people needed food or homeless. people would do crazy things to get money or food for their family. Every week someone would lose their jobs or homes. Investors lost 26 billion on the stock market.

During the great depression 25,000 banks would be closed.


The dust bowl was a dust storm that ruined farmlands. The dust bowl was important because the dust would ruin crop like wheat.

Great Britain, Germany , and other countries also suffered from money issues as well. Most countries were unable to sell goods. New York was the first state to get the Great Depression then the Great Depression was passed.

Other Interesting Facts

* The depositors couldn't get their money because of the stock market crash.

* 80% of people were poor or not wealthy. 20% were Rich or Wealthy.

* FDR was the second president that was involved with the great depression.

* FDR had polio. He wore heavy braces during his speech. Polio is a illness where you can't walk.

* The image below shows what FDR had to use while having polio

Big image
Big image

leg Braces

The image above shows what FDR wore on his speech.

The leg brace is on the kid with the highest swing.