Vaccination Argument

By: Oscar Brandmeyer


Should parents be permitted to opt out of required vaccinations for their children?

My Opinion of the Arument

After reading the articles I have concluded that parents vaccinate their children parents should be afraid of other diseases not vaccines.

Article 1, Author Marc Siegel

  • Before 1963 there we 500,000 cases but at 2000 after vaccinations, there were 86 cases
  • after taking the full measles vaccination we become 99% immune to it

Article 2, Author Paul A. outfit

  • Not vaccinateing could cause other diseases to happen
  • Some parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children not realizing how not getting the vaccination could effect their child immensely

Article 3, Los angles times

  • Not vaccinating or children puts every one at risk
  • the rate of children that are not immune as raised, and because of this putting America back on high risk of measles

The Other Side

Article 1, Author Emily Foxhill

  • children's health will be better with out vaccinations because of health risks that could happen with in the vaccine

Article 1, Author Mary Jo Perry

  • Parents can stop to vaccinate their children because their religon does not permit them to use medicine of any kind
  • Parents have their own reasons for their child not to vaccinate because every child is different

Summary of Issue

Vaccinations cure you of measles 99%. With out vaccinations the world is exposed to measles and other diseases that humans could be immune to. Parents have their reasons why not to vaccinate, but that can endanger the kids and people around them. to vaccinate every one in America the chances of any one getting measles, is almost impossible. This is why parents should vaccinate their children.

What do you think?