Suicide Prevention

A way for you to save and touch lives

Verbal Warning Signs

-"I want to die"

-"I wish I was died"

-"What's the use?"

-"I don't want to live anymore"

-"Nothing matters, who cares"

Non-Verbal Warning Signs

-Rebellious behavior

-Violent actions

-Drug and alcohol use



How to Prevent it

-Show you care/have empathy

-Ask if they have a specific plan, don't leave them alone if you feel an immediate problem

-Stress the temporary nature ft the problems

-Stop before the warning signs get worse

-Get them professional help as soon as possible

Who can help?

Telling any adult, specifically, doctors, teachers, guardians, or counselors will help. Keeping it between you and the suicidal victim isn't helping, neither is telling your friends. Go get help because you'd rather have a broken trust with your friend then a dead friend you could've saved.