Stallion Direction

SLMS 2013-14 School Plan

Vision and Mission of SanLee

  • SanLee Middle School aims to provide a caring and secure learning environment, in partnership with all stakeholders, so that all students are able to maximize individual potential and ensure students at all ability levels are well-equipped to meet the challenges of education, work, and life.
  • SanLee Middle School will promote respect and responsibility for student achievement through a safe learning environment, an equal opportunity to learn, and high expectations. To meet this, SanLee students are expected to behave with respect, achievement, and honor.

SanLee's Goals

  1. Create an environment for students, staff, and community to be involved in decision making and learning and have opportunities for student leadership.
  2. Increase level of rigor and student choice throughout the school.
  3. Increase collaboration vertically at the school level and horizontally at the district level with a focus on student learning.

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