We are so close! Approximately 18 months ago we had this crazy idea to build our own software backbone for the company, with the goal to be a paperless company. With all of the different HR, Client, Government, and Internal requirements to run our business; we needed a better cutting edge system to track it all. The biggest component to the vision was to become a paperless company. That’s where most companies will be in a few years, many are there now. We are almost there with the eCRT program! We keep improving and moving forward.

We have added to and improved the system consistently since the launch 7/22/15. The most recent additions were Time Tracking, which every employee should already be using, and XH accessory tracking.

The final module to be added is the HR module. This will be completed by the end of May and launched to all new employees at the beginning of June. That does not mean it will be perfect by that date. This section will affect every employee, every single one, including me. This summer all employees will need to go through and enter all of the information you filled out when you were hired, and update what is necessary. As examples of the scope of the module: All of Intec’s policies and procedures will be there and accessible to you, our employee handbook, benefit forms and policies, gas logs, job descriptions, and so to make a long story short…every form you need to be an employee. The bonus is that all of these will be emailed to you, so no paper!

Again, we will start with all new hires and then help groups go through and enter all information. There will be signature pages throughout acknowledging you know what to do and when to do it, you will be emailed copies of it all! Each and every employee has been issued an Intec email address, it needs to be used. It’s a requirement. I’ll close with a quote that we all should take note of:

"Excellence is an art won by and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.

We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."


Chris Matatall

Chief Operations Officer

Intec Communications, LLC - Employee Spotlight

In the spotlight this month is a technician now supervisor working in the Big South Market:

Darryl Mcghee

We want to welcome Darryl McGhee to the position of our Technical Operations Supervisor in Atlanta. We have had some great experiences with Darryl, we know he has been coaching and mentoring our new techs while providing his technical expertise since he has walked through the doors with Intec. Darryl has a prestige about him which we felt that he is a deserving candidate for the Technical Operations Supervisor position.

Darryl performed well as a tech in the field, with his highly technical knowledge and structure, we feel that he has all the skills required to perform complicated tasks, to lead a team in the right direction. Darryl has a wonderful personality, always inspires and motivates others around him. We believe he will bring these qualities and abilities into his new leadership role with Intec Communications. Congratulations Darryl on your new position with our Company we wish you continued success in your new journey.


Atlanta Management Team

Darryl's KPI last Month

SCOI: 5.56%

MET rate: 100%

FTSRT: 100%

VOC: 100%

HIC: 95%


All Wild Animals are considered dangerous, and can be very unpredictable at any time. Here are some pointers to keep in mind regarding safety around animals.

Signs to indicate serious stress

Felines (bob cats, cougars) - when in pouncing stance.

Rodents (squirrels) - start rattling their tail like a rattle snake (beaver, muskrat, weasel), slapping their tails, mice and other smaller rodents run like crazy, (racoons) start crying.

Skunks - will lift their tail up and emit a very foul smelling odor.

Dogs - While we know canines are “Man’s Best Friend,” approaching an unfamiliar dog has the potential for serious injury. Nearly 5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs each year.

  • Detecting a dog.

  • Maintain awareness.

  • Enter with caution.

  • Approaching doors.

  • It is your right and obligation to ask the owner to restrain his or her dog before entering the premises.

Birds - will come down and try and swoop on top of you or around you.

Snakes - According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, poisonous snake bites in the United States cause fewer deaths each year than bee or wasp stings? Nevertheless, the simplest tip to avoiding a snake bite is to leave any snake alone. Don’t try to capture or kill it, as 70-80 percent of bites occur this way. Wearing 8” boots is a good precaution; 90 percent of bites happen in the ankle area while inadvertently stepping near a snake.

Spider - Venomous spiders found in the United States include the black widow and the brown recluse. These spiders can be dangerous to outdoor workers. These spiders occasionally find their way inside structures or buildings and can also present a risk to indoor workers. Spiders are usually not aggressive and most bites occur because a spider is trapped or unintentionally contacted. It is important for employers to educate their workers about their risk of exposure to venomous spiders, how they can prevent and protect themselves from spider bites, and what they should do if they are bitten.

Other Creatures - Keep an eye out for the following animals as well; while they may be less of a threat, or encounters less common, knowing how to handle an encounter goes a long way in avoiding an attack or injury.

Big image

2016 1st Technician Graduation and Training Class

Small changes have a big impact down the road. This year we revamped our training, and changed up some items. These changes were made for a more interesting learning experience for the techs. This gave all departments a chance to interact with the rookies, the rookies a chance to meet and learn about management. There are still more revamping to be done, but I'm very proud of the team and the effort given. These are just a few of the things we did and will be doing for our employees.

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MAY 2016 Employee Anniversaries

Please join us in celebrating the following employees with August and September anniversaries:

ANTHONY BLANCO - 1 year with the Houston Team

LINDA BRIDGES - 3 years with the Big South Team

ROBERTO CANELAS - 1 year with the Houston Team

TANIKA HALL - 3 years with the Atlanta Team

ALLAN OUKO - 5 years with the Houston Team

RICHARD PHILLIPS - 3 years with the Atlanta Team

ESTFHANAS TAMBLDAY - 3 years with the Atlanta Team

DAN VO - 2 years with the Houston Team

MARQUES WEBBER - 1 year with the Houston Team

ROBERT WHITE - 1 year with the Houston Team

Memorial Day May 30th

Please remember that it is not only a day to spend with family while cooking out, swimming, and having fun. This is a day to honor our Military Men & Women who currently serve, are retired, or who were taken to soon in the line of duty. These men, women and families have sacrificed a lot to make sure we are safe & that our freedom remains intact.

Have a safe and great Memorial Day weekend, but please take a moment to honor those who are no longer here. After all it is their day.

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No Drinking & Driving, it’s not worth it.

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