Weekly Update

Week of 1/25/16

Chromebook Reminder:

Please remember to charge your Chromebooks at home and come to school with them prepared to be used in class! It is important that you are prepared, as this is a necessary tool we use often throughout all classrooms.

School Reminders

*Second Quarter Report Cards - Friday, January 29th (distributed in Advisory Class)

*Parent PARCC Night - Wednesday, February 3rd. 6:00pm - 7:00pm (WWHS Media Center)

*School Hours - 7:30am - 1:45pm - Call Attendance Line before 8:30am if late or absent (825-6540)

12th Annual College Planning Forum: March 5th at Providence College

This is a free event that is GREAT for students with disabilities, 504 plans and other challenges. Parents/families are welcome to attend with or without their child! It will be a beneficial event for all involved. You will get to hear from a college panel, freshmen students that are attending local RI colleges. You will also hear from disability services from various colleges, including CCRI and other schools from across the state. You will be given the chance to learn about the process needed to receive accommodations in college and what might be offered.

Light lunch will be offered to everyone that attends this event. You must register using the link below in order to attend. You may add a guest if you are registering with more than one person. Please look over the brochure and let me know if you have any questions!

Need to talk to your guidance counselor? Here is the information for each!

Moniz, Karen
Guidance Director, Guidance Counselor ( last names A - De )

Beveridge, Mark
Counselor ( last names Df - Lap )

Bonas, Christine
Counselor ( last names Laq - Q )

Brigidi, Raymond
Counselor ( last names R - Z )

Healthy Lifestyles Program!

Healthy Lifestyles is a fun interactive workshop presented by certified trainers. This program assists participants in developing confidence and skills to stay on a journey towards a healthy life

Participants will learn about:

-Managing Stress

-How to be in a healthy relationship

-How your health impacts your ability to find a job or go to college

-The importance of balanced eating & physical fitness and much more...

Participants will:

-Create a Personal Action Plan

-Receive informational resources and materials

- Earn a certificate of completion

- Receive a gift card for completing the workshop

** We will be completing this program over the next few weeks leading up to vacation. It will be a very beneficial program for our class, as they will learn how to manage stress and anxiety, how to maintain healthy relationships and eating well and staying active. Students will be given a healthy snack during most sessions and will be completing interactive activities.

**PLEASE- bring back the two forms signed and completed. One is the signature for consent for the program and the other if you choose to have your photo taken.

**This program is REQUIRED for each student. The class will be receiving a grade for their participation in this program. Every student MUST attend, as it is a part of the curriculum and development of the skills being reinforced within the Emotional Support Program/Classroom.

Academics/Exams at a glance

Period 2- Math:

Students are now beginning a new unit on Averages/Mean/Median/Mode. We will continue to practice the skills and will be given homework, as needed.

Period 2- Academic Lit:

Students will continue reading the story " My Partisan Life Has Begun" from the novel "We Fought Back". Assignments, activities, quizzes and projects will be given periodically and as felt it is needed.

Period 3-History:

Students will be focusing primarily on the Holocaust unit. This will serve as a good supplement to the work we are completing with the novel, "Night."

Period 4-English:

Students are continuing to read the novel, "Night" and have about few chapters remaining. We will continue to work through this unit. Quizzes, vocabulary, assignments, and projects will be assigned periodically and as needed.

Period 5-Academic Lit:

Students will begin reading the story " My Partisan Life Has Begun" from the novel "We Fought Back". Assignments, activities, quizzes and projects will be given periodically and as felt it is needed. A book report was assigned last week and will be due on February 11th.

Period 7- Science:

Students are focusing on the Healthy Lifestyles unit as we begin the new curriculum for this program.

Digital Citizenship Video: Oversharing!

Oversharing - Digital Citizenship