The False Prince

Welcome to Carthya

Welcome to Carthya. This land is different from yours one thing you must know first is you must respect Connor. Connor is the head of everything around here. He is trying to train one of us to be the false prince of Carthya since prince Jaron died in sea but was never found. I don't really like it here because Connor thinks he owns me and he always taking away my personal things from my old life that I want. He thinks it keeps me distracted but I think it will keep me going. If you want to survive here in Carthya be brave and strong and always stand your ground. So, welcome to Carthya.
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Tips for surviving at school

If you want to survive here at school here is a few tips that you can use to fit in.

1. Be strong

2. don't shown any king of fear

3. Try to bey the rules

4. Listen very closely

5. Respect Connor

If you follow all of the rules you will have no trouble surviving at school.

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Top topics for coversation

If you want to have a conversation with someone here is a few things you can talk about

1. How was sword training?

2. Where did you come from?

3. how are they doing?

4. Was there something new with them?

If you want to have a nice conversation with someone just ask these things and you will fit right in here.

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Tips for Sport Fans

The sports we have here involves a lot of training and hard work

1. Sword fights

2. horseback racing

3. racing

4. wrestling

These sports are very competitive here and you have to be tough to survive through them.

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Resources for Newcomers

There might be a few things you might need here to survive

1. Clothes

2. horse

3. sword

4. food

Theses resources will help you survive here

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Getting into the groove

If you want to get into cool groups you should try these

1. Tobias' group

2. Mott's group

3. Redon's group

4. Connor's group

You could either join these groups or stay alone like me

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Stay Away From These Enemies

You should stay away from these people at all time

1. Connor

2. Redon

3. Tobias

4. Cregan

If you stay away from these people you will be fine

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These tips will help you survive here in Carthya. They will get you to fit right in with everyone else. So just be strong and brave and you can live a happy life in here in the land of Carthya
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The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen