Chinese New Year

Food, Tradition, Celebration

Chinese New Year

This is the most celebrated holiday in china. It is based on the lunar calendar and it is a time to celebrate deities and ancestors. The date changes every year and the holiday lasts 15 days.
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The most common Chinese New Year foods includes dumplings, fish, spring rolls, and niangao (rice cake).

*Fish: There are some rules related to the position of the fish when serving. The head should be placed toward distinguished guests or elders, representing respect. Diners can enjoy the fish only after the one who faces the fish head eats first. The fish shouldn't be moved. The two people who face the head and tail of fish should drink together, as this is considered to have a lucky meaning.

*Dumplings: On New Year's Eve it is a tradition to eat dumplings with cabbage and radish, implying that one's skin will become fair and one's mood will become gentle.

When making dumplings there should be a good number of pleats. If you make the junction too flat, it is thought to purport poverty. Some Chinese put a white thread inside a dumpling, and the one who eats that dumpling is supposed to possess longevity. Sometimes a copper coin is put in a dumpling, and the one who eats it is supposed to become wealthy. Dumplings should be arranged in lines instead of circles, because circles of dumplings are supposed to mean one's life will go round in circles, never going anywhere.

*Spring Rolls: Spring Rolls are a Cantonese dim sum dish of cylindrical-shaped rolls filled with vegetables, meat, or something sweat. Fillings are wrapped in thin dough wrappers, then fried, when the spring rolls are given there golden-yellow color.

*Niangao (rice cakes): Niangao means year cake, but gao sounds the same as the word for tall or high,”. The cakes symbolize achieving new heights in the coming year.

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*Festival of Lanterns

The 15th day of the New Year is known as The Festival of Lanterns and marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. All types of lanterns are lit throughout the streets.

Families not only light lanterns but also hang them on walls or poles to be used in lantern parades.

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*Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

The dragon dance, where a dragon made of silk and paper held by men who hide themselves underneath it and dance through the streets showcases the best of Chinese traditions and customs.

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