Using a Database

making research easier

TDSB Virtual Library

  1. Go to the TDSB Virtual Library Page.
  2. Click on: Online Databases
  3. Choose the appropriate database from the 3 listed below to do your search.
  4. Watch the video tutorial by Christine Essig below as reminder of how to search for information.
  5. Search for information using the subtopic tabs and specific search terms in the find bar.
  6. To refine your search you can use the detailed search option.
  7. Read the short description or summary of the articles and choose one you think is related to your topic.
  8. Remember to include citation information with any information you save.
Kids Search Tutorial

Be Prepared Before You Start

Do you know your research question?

Have you brainstormed key search terms?

How are you going to document your findings?

Some Databases you can use