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The Time Is Now or There Is No Better Time Than the Present

Can't never did anything but consult with won't.

Won't can't see because it trusts doubt.

Doubt won't start because it befriended resistance.

Resistance mentors won't, can't, and doubt.

Is there any doubt that can't won't fight resistance?

Excuses excuses masquerading as thoughtfully crafted, legitimate reasons to do nothing. We all develop them for launch at a yet to be determined time in the future. Please don't put off today for tomorrow. Always plan your day, your week, and your month so that you manage your time and all of that activities related to your work. You will be more productive, organized, and successful as a leader.

The ED's Corner


Thanks for supporting a great team meeting this past Friday. Resources were provided to you to support improvement with curriculum/instruction and assessments, as well as information on the transformation plan for the future. For the curriculum/instruction and assessment information, please choose supplemental supports that will assist in helping to improve the quality of instruction which will ultimately lead to improved student achievement. You will need help with this work so I expect each of you to have an "abundance mentality" by developing the capacity of others on your campus to help lead. Remember, more brains are smarter than one. Our children deserve your best work as a leader. By the way, it is called the principalship, so you must be get others on board your ship to help move it in the right direction.

Please make sure that you include your school leadership team, SBDM, and PTA in the decision making process as we move forward with imagining special programs for our students for the future. Your leadership is imperative as we begin to think differently about how we educate our children. I will visit with Linda Johnson to develop a transformation timeline centered around support and implementation

As I visit schools this week, please make sure that you have completed your DWI (Did, Wish I had done, Intend to Do) exit tickets. I will review them with you as we review the questions in the Systemic Coaching Cycle. I have an expectation that those items included within this rubric will be evident in your school cultural practices. Also, we will have discussions on chapter 2 of "Monday Morning Leaderhip" which is "Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing" - your priorities. I want to see your priorities activated in your schools as evidenced in your school action plans as well as your SMART goals.

This week is a very important week as we conclude the first six weeks. Be sure to check GradeSpeed to ensure that all teachers have an adequate amount of grades based on policy. Also, your statiscals for attendance should be due and you should ensure teachers have met with your data clerk or registrar for corrections and accuracy.

Remember, you set the tone for the climate in your school. In the book "What Great Principals Do Differently," it is stated that "when the principal sneezes then the whole school catches a cold." How positive are your interactions with your teachers, staff, students, and families? How do you frame tough information so that your staff is receptive and you don't slow the momentum in your building? You are the one who must lift all people up and never have a moment where relationships are torn down or distrust enters your building. You are the District so please help with positive sense making around any topic or situation.

Furthermore, a huge "Thank You" for leading your teachers through the TEI scorecard process. Because of your efforts, this process was highly successful and positive.

Stay Strong and Keep the Faith!!!

Harold L. Wright

Executive Director of School Leadership

Roosevelt Feeder Schools (The FDR)

TEI News

Be sure to read the TEI NEWS emails that come from DISDNEWS each week.
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TEI Dates

September 18-October 1

  • Teacher rebuttal window in oracle for TEI evaluation scorecard

September 28

  • Teachers submit SLO Goal-Setting and PDPs in School Net. If they do not, they will receive a score of "0".

October 1

  • Principals must score and approve SLOs & PDPs by today

October 15

  • Compensation adjusted upward for select teachers based on 2014-2015 results

November 5

  • 1st DTR Application Deadline

December 15

  • SLO Goal-Accomplishment submitted (one semester course only)
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Testing at a Glance


1-25 Istation's ISIP Assessment BOY (K-2)

29--ACT (Grade 12)


14--PSAT (Grade 10)


Dec-Jan--Written Compositions (K-12)

7--STAAR EOC English 1 (9-12)

9--STAAR EOC English II (9-12)

7-11--STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, US History (9-12)

10-18--ACP (K-5)

15-18--ACP (6-12)


6-27--Isaton's ISIP Assessment MOY (K-2)


2--SAT (Grade 11)

7-April 6--TELPAS (K-12)

29--STAAR EOC English I (9-12)

29--STAAR Writing Day 1 (Grades 4 & 7)

29--STAAR Math (Grades 5 & 8)

30--STAAR Writing Day 2 (Grades 4 & 7)

30--STAAR Reading (Grades 5 & 8)

31-STAAR EOC English II


4-15--STAAR ALT 2 Assessment Window (3-8 & EOC)

4-8--ES & HS Art Performance ACP (Grades 5, 9-12)

12-15--Student Survey Window (Grades 3-12)

12-22--ITBS/LOGRAMOS Window (K-2)

18-19--ES Gym ACP (Grade 4)

18-29--Secondary Band Performance ACP (Grades 6-12)

20-21-ES Music Performance ACP (Grade 3)


9-24--Middle School Gym Performance ACP (Grades 6-8)

16-19--Middle School Art Performance ACP (Grade 7)

2-6--STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, US History (9-12)

9--STAAR Math (Grades 3,4,6,7)

9--STAAR Math Re-test (Grades 5 & 8)

10--STAAR Reading (Grades 3,4,6,7)

10--STAAR Reading Re-test (Grades 5 & 8)

11--STAAR Science (Grades 5 & 8)

12--STAAR Social Studies (Grade 8)

2-27--Istation's ISIP Assessment EOY (K-2)

18-26--ACP (Grades 3-5)

27-June 2--ACP (Grades 6-12)

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Dallas ISD Core Beliefs

  • Improve student achievement
  • Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance
  • There is no excuse for poor quality teaching
  • At risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students
  • Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence