Carley Hampel

Chapter 1

My name

To start things off with this autobiography, I'm here to tell about my name, and what I think of it. The story of my name begins in Riddle Memorial Hospital on March 28, 2000

My name literally means "small and strong", which I consider to be accurate since I am small, but strong inside and out. My Mom and Dad are important to my name story because they were the ones who we're debating on what to name me and how to spell my name. The primary location of my name was in the hospital. The hospital environment was most likely calm, loud because of my parents arguing over what to name me, bright due to the hospitals blinding lights, safe because it was around doctors and nurses, and comforting. My great- grandfather (on my dad's side) was named Charles. My dad was then named after his grandfather. Since I was born a girl, they wanted to figure out a way to pass down the name in a gender appropriate name. Since my dad's nickname was Charlie, they went with Carley because it is close in spelling and sounds similar. Colors I associate with my name are hot pink and lime green. Since I was born in the spring and my name is very bright, I picked the brightest colors. Smells I associate with my name are the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass, since my name is a spring name. Textures I associate with my name are smooth and hard. Smooth because I am a kind person to other people, and hard because I consider myself to be a strong person.

Chapter 2: The Day I Was Born

The day I was born has a story behind it. It was March 28, 2000. My Mom and Dad sat home on the living room couch watching tv. It was before my dad went to work, which is usually 7 or 8 o’clock AM. My mom started experiencing a lot of pain, and knew that her water has broken. When she announced this to my Dad, he quickly called off of work and rushed my Mom to Riddle Memorial Hospital in his new black Cadillac, which for the record he had took pride in owning. The ride to the Hospital is very quick, but it was torture for the both of them. Torture for my Mom of course because she was in labor. Torture for my dad because my mom had been yelling at his every “wrong” move. The had left my 9 and 7 year old brothers at home alone, so this was partly the reason my Mom was arguing with my Dad. When arriving at the hospital, my Dad checked my Mom in and she was immediately taken to a room. She hadn’t stopped complaining since they left the house. She was all sorts of annoyed. Hungry, tired, ill. You name it, she felt it. By the time she was ready to have me, she was completely exhausted. It had been almost 14 hours being in labor with me, which according to her had been excruciating pain. When the doctors wheeled her into a separate room for me to be born in, they’d realized they had made a mistake. My mom after all was not ready to have me yet. They wheeled her back into the original room, where my mom lay in the bed complaining that she wanted to go home and “do this later”. The nurses chuckled at her, thinking she was joking. But if i know my mom, I can surely believe that she was one hundred percent serious. When she’s angry, she’s really angry. About an hour later, my mom had fallen asleep in the hospital room for a few hours. She was then woken by more pain. It was actually time to have me now. Once again the nurses wheeled her into a separate room. My dad following short behind. I was then born.

When I was born, my two Grandmas, my Dad, and my Mom of course was there in the room. The nurses took me to a room where they cleaned me up and weighed me. It was determined that i was the heaviest baby out of the three babies my Mom had. I was a solid nine pounds. This probably explains why in all my baby pictures I look so chubby. The first person to hold me besides my Mom was my Dad. Then my Grandmas. My brothers were eventually brought to the hospital by my Aunt Susan. My brother Danny who was nine held me, but my Mom would not let Andrew hold me because he was only seven and he was afraid he would drop me. He was upset about this, but he quickly got over it. Time passed and my parents began to discuss names for me. My Dad’s name is Charles Hampel, and so is his Dad’s and his Grandfathers. He wanted to somehow pass down the family name to suit a girl. My Mom however wanted to name me Rosalie, because her favorite flower was a rose. When my Mom heard what my dad had to say about the family name, she agreed with him. They struggled trying to find a girls name that would resemble Charles. Since my Dad’s nickname was Charlie, my Mom came up with the name Carley because they sounded similar. My dad liked this idea. The only thing they argued about was how to spell my name. My Mom wanted to spell my name Carlee, and my Dad wanted to spell it Carly. They finally settled on spelling it Carley because it looked similar to Charlie. My middle name had been easy for them to come up with because they both wanted my middle name to be named after my great aunt Elizabeth who had passed away before I was born. They announced to everyone that my name was going to be Carley Elizabeth Hampel. I really like my name and the way its spelled. I think it’s very unique in spelling, even though it’s often spelled wrong by people I first meet. Also, I am told that I am just like my great aunt Elizabeth. So I believe the name I have suits me better than any other name would.

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Chapter 3: Storage Trunk

The object in my “storage trunk” I chose to write about is a photo album from 1990. The album was obviously made before i was born, and it was of my Grandfather, my Dad, and my Uncles all on a trip to the lake. I found this album in our attic, buried in a pile of boxes. They were in the very bottom box which had “family pictures” written on it in sharpie. I asked my Dad if the album was important in any way, and he said that he saved the album because it was the best summer in his family’s history. The summer the album was created was after the whole family got in a huge argument, and they all still had to go on vacation with one another. In the beginning of the vacation, they wouldn’t talk to one another and they were all being very stubborn. By the end of the vacation however, everyone in the family had been closer and happier than they had ever been before. My Grandfather had died before I was born, and in the photo album of the trip to the lake, he looked so happy and full of life. They had all been on the family boat, which we still use today. He was driving it in the pictures whilst drinking a beer. Also, the pictures showed all of my uncles and him fishing in the lake. There is one photo of my Grandfather “mooning” the camera while he was laughing. By looking at this specific photo album, I can infer that my grandfather was a man full of jokes and laughter. After asking my Dad about my grandfather, he said that if he was alive when i was born, and still alive today that i would have been very close to him. It turns out he had a sarcastic attitude, just like me. He also loved to trick people and he was always laughing, which is also similar to my personality. He also really loved going to the lake every year, and my family and I still go to the same lake every summer. So, as it turns out, I do have a strong connection to my Grandfather, even though he isn’t alive. If he was here today, i’m sure that we’d be inseparable.
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Chapter 4: My Personal Alphabet

A is for adventurous. I love a challenge and going somewhere or doing something exciting or dangerous.

B is for bashful. On the occasion, I can be quiet when I'm not around people I am familiar with.

C is for cheerful. I am usually in a good mood and always happy.

D is for diligent. I am very careful in my work and I like getting things done and working hard on them.

E is exciting. I am up for almost anything and love being active.

F is for finicky. I am very picky about certain things such as the type of Clothes I wear

G is for gullible. I believe anything I see, hear, or read. Even if it is unrealistic

H is for humorous. My friends think I'm very funny and full of laughter.

I is for instinctive. I know when something is a good or bad depiction in my mind.

J is for joyful. I am very alive and happy most of the time.

K is for kempt. I am very tidy and my belongings are well organized.

L is for lively. I am very active and love doing fun things.

M is for mature. I know how to behave like a civil person and not act out of line.

N is for needy. I have a lot of things that I can't survive without

O is for outgoing. I love trying new things and being my own person, even if what I want to do is risky.

P is for pleasant. I am very kind to others no matter who they are, and I'm hardly rude.

Q is for quarrelsome. I will argue until I prove to someone that I am right, and they are wrong.

R is for rambunctious. I am very loud and energetic.

S is for squeamish. I hate blood and I am easily disgusted.

T is for thankful. I am greatful for all of my friends and family.

U is for unique. Not many people have a similar personality to mine or have my similar interests.

V is for violent. I tend to throw things or say vigor things when I am very upset.

W is for worried. I tend to get worked up over things that are very small.

X is for xerothermic. I love being in hot weather such as Florida and the beach.

Y is for youthful. I am very young and full of life.

Z is for zesty. I am very exciting and fun to be around

Chapter 5: A Family History

My immediate family living in my home (or had lived in my home) is my Mom, Dad, older brother Danny, older brother Andrew, and myself. Also, my close family whom i consider my immediate family is my brothers wife and two sons. My Mom’s name is Donna, and My Dad’s name is Charles. My brother’s wife’s name is Brittany, and their two kids are named Danny (after my brother) and Josh. Danny is currently one month old and Josh recently turned two. At my Thanksgiving table are My mom, My Dad, Danny, Andrew, Brittany, and my two Grandma’s. Our Thanksgiving dinner consists of Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green vegetables, and cranberries. For dessert we either ate pumpkin cream pie or apple pie. Our family is mostly irish. My ancestors moved from Ireland to United States on a boat a couple of centuries back. We don’t exactly know why my ancestors moved from Ireland to the United States, however. They first settled in New York, and eventually moved into Pennsylvania. My great grandmother sewed and made a profit off of cloths and clothing she made. Then, my family lived halfway around the world from one another, some in Ireland some in United States. Now, my family mostly lives within twenty minutes of one another since we don’t tend to move around often. The women of my family usually organize our rituals. Since we are Christian, my grandma makes us go to church every sunday morning as a family, and that evening we will have a huge Sunday dinner thats organized my my Mom. Also, we celebrate Christmas every year, and on Christmas Eve, we go to the candlelit service at our church. These are some things that we have been doing since before we can even remember. They are very significant because we believe in God strongly and we pay respects toward him by going to Church.

As we became stronger Christians, over the years we have tended to lack on our Irish culture. However, my parents continue to make Irish recipes such as Irish stew and soda bread. In my family, the only language we speak is English, however some of my older relatives have a heavy Irish accent. Stories that have been passed down to me are when my family would all go on vacations together to our old lake house. Also, i’ve been told that my grandma traveled to Ireland when she was twenty one years old. She said that she was reminded of how beautiful it was there and all of the huge lakes. However, she didn't see any family there, since the all moved to the United States by that time. My Grandma tells me that when my Mom was younger, she was the good child out of all of her sisters and brothers. My Aunts and Uncles were always getting in trouble with either the law or my grandma, while my mom was sitting outside playing with her barbie dolls by herself or with the neighbors. One embarassing story that gets told year after year is when my parents lived in a house in Wildwood. My grandma and grandpa on my moms side visited the house so that they could meet my dad for the first time, when my parents first started dating. My mom was lying in a chair and couldnt move because she was so sunburnt. My dad had been eating a steak, and he swallowed a piece of the bone on accident. My dad began choking and my grandpa had to give him CPR. SO, the first time my grandfather met my dad, he had to save his life. My grandma and grandpa had known each other their whole life, considering their families were friends. When they were teenagers, they started dating. They eventually got married in their late twenties and have been together for almost 43 years. To this day they’re still a happy couple. The same thing happened to both of my parents. Something that had been passed down to me is a diamond ring and diamond earrings. My great Grandmother wore them the first time she went back to Ireland, and that was the first time anyone in my family had ever gone back since my ancestors left. MY great grandmother handed it down to my grandmother who handed it down to my Mom who handed it to me. In my house, there are many home movies that my parents made. The movies consist of my brothers and I when we were young all the way up until my oldest brother graduated from high school. All of our firsts such as our first words, first crawls, and first steps are documented.

Chapter 6: And The Band Played On

The role of music in my life is more for entertainment purposes. When I'm bored I usually listen to music. It's more of a hobby for me. Some genres of music I listen to are hip- hop, pop, and rap. I only really listen to hip hop or rap at parties or when I'm with my friends because it's a type of music you can dance to. I usually listen to pop and soft pop when I'm by myself.

Artists that I love are

Ed sheeran

Sam smith

Chris brown


Justin Bieber

One direction

5 seconds of summer


Nicki manaj

Songs that I love are

Life support -Sam smith

Fools gold -one direction

Once in a lifetime -one direction

Spaces -one direction

I'm not the only one -same smith

One -Ed sheeran

Tenerife sea -ed sheeran

Lego house -ed sheeran

New flame -Chris brown

Let me love you -Mario

A song that is special to me is fix you by Coldplay because i had been listening to it on my iPod in the airport when my brother who had been in the marines for 3 years returned home. It reminds me of that day when I hear it.

"Don't forget where you belong" - one direction

Been a lot of places.

I've been all around the world.

Seen a lot of faces.

Never knowing where I was.

On the horizon.

Oh, well, I know, I know, I know, I know the sun will be rising

Back home.

Living out of cases,

Packing up and taking off.

Made a lot of changes

But not forgetting who I was.

On the horizon.

Oh, well, I know, I know, I know, I know the moon will be rising

Back home.

Don't forget where you belong–home.

Don't forget where you belong–home.

If you ever feel alone–don't.

You were never on your own.

And the proof is in this song.

I've been away for ages

But I've got everything I need.

I'm flicking through the pages.

I've written in my memory.

I feel like I'm dreaming.

Oh, so I know, I know, I know, I know that I'm never leaving.

No, I won't go.

Don't forget where you belong–home.

Don't forget where you belong–home.

If you ever feel alone–don't.

You were never on your own.

And the proof is in this song.

Lights off when they should be on.

Even stars in the skies, they're wrong.

Short days when the nights are long

When I think of the things I've done

Don't matter how far I've gone–

I'm always feeling at home.


Don't forget where you belong–home.

Don't forget where you belong (don't forget it)–home.

If you ever feel alone–don't.

You were never on your own.

Never, never, never.

Don't forget where you belong–home.

Don't forget where you belong (don't forget it)–home.

If you ever feel alone–don't.

You were never on your own (you were never).

And the proof is in this song.


Don't forget it.


If you ever feel alone–don't.

You were never on your own (you were never).

And the proof is in this song.

Never forget it.

This song.

Don't forget it!

No, I never forget it.

This song.

You were never...

I like this song because the vocals in it sound great and it reminds me of where I came from. This song represents me because i love where I came from and who my family is and I wouldn't trade it for anything. This trait that this gives me is appreciative because I love where I'm from and who I am. The lyrics that are most meaningful are "if you ever feel alone--don't you were never on your own". This is meaningful because it reminds me I have people that I can always lean and and who will always be there for me.


Don't Forget Where You Belong - One Direction by Purplerain110

Chapter 7: Likes and Dislikes


Getting my hair cut

Pizza from pappones pizzeria

My Nephews, Josh and Danny

Icicle lights

The beach

Blasting music

Styling my hair

Mechanical Pencils

Field hockey


Brach's Jelly beans

Going Out With friends

Yoga pants and yoga leggings

Welch's fruit snacks

One tree hill

Wawa regular coffee with French vanilla creamer


When people don't believe me

Being ignored

My nephew throwing up on me

When chicken nuggets aren't cooked long enough(soggy)

Science class

Green beans

The channel lifetime

Having too much homework in one night

Wet socks

Crinkled papers

Messing up my eyeliner

The news

not having a ride to places

Reading check quizzes

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Chapter 8: Flashback

A day that I would like to experience again is the day that my nephew was born. He was born on October 18, 2014 at around 10 am. Ever since we had a baby shower for him I had been very excited him for to actually be born. My mom had woken me up at 6 am and told me that Brittany (my brothers girlfriend) was in labor. We both went to Crozer hospital in our pajamas and waited in the waiting room for what seemed like a lifetime. When it was announced that my nephew had been born, we all rushed to the hallway to the delivery room where an use was wheeling the baby over to be cleaned up. We all took pictures of him until the nurse absolutely had to take him back. We all watched him get cleaned, and after we all held him for a good 20 minutes each. Overall, this day was so special to me because it was the day that my very first nephew by blood was born and I knew that I will always be there for him when he's older. Reliving this day would make me further realize how lucky I am to have these kids in my life.
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Chapter 11: Lessons I Learned When It Was Too Late

1. Turn things in on time or else your grade will reflect

2. Think before you say something that may offend someone else

3. Do not take the dog outside while you're cooking something in the oven

4. Don't trust anyone who has let you down continuously in the past

5. Dot forgive people who don't mean it

To this day, I still have trouble with actually following these lessons because of a certain person. When you were previously very close with someone, you believe that they are good people for a good portion of your life. In my case, the person changed for the worse, made me feel worse, and to this day I still continue to go back to this person for reasons unknown. I have to let myself know that just because someone was a great friend to you in the past, doesn't mean that they are now, and it surely doesn't mean that you must keep them around. Only keep the people around who love and support you in every sense or the word. Sure, you may have your arguments with the person, but if they are really meant for you to keep, you would find a way to get past them. In my case, repeated arguments aren't doing any justice, and apologies from the person aren't sincere, considering they do the same things over again. Sometimes you have to let go of a big part of your life, and the toxic people that are in it. It will be painful, but in the long run you will be a more happy, complete person surrounded by only the people who love you, and will continue to stand by you. The people who change for the worse don't change, they become more of who they truly are.

Chapter 12: A Year In Reading

Title author genre rating words of wisdom summary

13 reasons why Jay Asher Realistic fiction 4 stars "\"You drove me to my breaking point\" (33)" A High school student named Hannah Baker commits suicide. A few weeks following her suicide, a boy named Clay receives tapes of audio recordings of Hannah baker explaining why she committed suicide and who drive her toward the decision. The story is about clays emotional experience throughout listening to these tapes and trying to unravel as to how he effected Hannah Baker.

Deep and Dark and Dangerous Mary Downing Hahn horror 5 stars "\"Sometimes nothing is the scariest thing of all\"" "Ali, her aunt, and her little cousin all travel to Maine for the summer to an old cabin that the family used to stay at. While at the cabin, they meet a mysterious, bratty girl named Sissy whom manipulates Ali's little cousin and creates an essential \"mini me\" of her. The book revolves around Ali trying to undercover Sissys true identity, why she acts the way she does, and most importantly, what does she want from them?"

Shadow Lands Kate Brian fiction 3 stars "\"Nothing was ever going to be okay again\" (13)" A teenage girl named Rory was attacked by her math teacher one day and he had tried to murder her. Rory and her family are then placed in the witness protection program by the shore, and Rory has to start a new life under a fake name, but she feels as though her math teacher is still watching her. The book revolves around Rory ,asking new friends at the beach all the while trying to undercover where her math teacher could possible be hiding, waiting, and watching her.

The Fault In Our Stars John Green Drama 5 stars "\"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities\"" Hazel meets a boy named Augustus at a local support group and they begin to immidietly fall in love. They travel to Amsterdam together, when a conflict breaks loose, which is Augustus has cancer again. The book revolves around Hazel taking care of Augustus and being with him on his final days.

Chapter 13: Friendship

My best friends that I've ever had are named Savannah and Mathias (Matt). Savannah is my girl best friend and we do everything together. She is very talkative and funny, and we have so many memories from kindergarten until now. Mathias is my boy best friend and somewhere along the way we sort of dated and still have that same connection but also in a best friend way considering he is always there for me and always makes me laugh. When savannah and I are together, we either go to get food at a restaurant or Rita's or we will just blast music and dance. I cannot exactly narrow down every single thing we have done because there is way too many to think of, but it usually involves music or just hanging out somewhere out of the house. When Mathias and I hang out we usually watch movies or we will go out to eat somewhere, and like savannah and I, I can't pinpoint the things we do when we hangout because it's different every time. Savannah and I met in kindergarten in Mrs Taylor's class. We were best friends with a girl named katelyn, but katelyn moved away and only me and savannah were best friends ever since. Mathias however lived in Belgium up until he was in 6th grade and I was in 7th. He was on my bus in middle school for the first time on the first day of my 7th grade year, and I had taken a liter or cherry Pepsi to school for a class party and was drinking it on the bus. He saw what I was doing and started laughing and we started taking from there but he did not speak English well at the time. Now, he speaks perfect English and we are still a "thing" and best friends. Savannah and I make each other feel happy and comfortable considering were always laughing and having a good time. Mathias and I make each other feel comfortable, happy, and loved because we have a strong bond since we were "dating". Savannah and I are friends because I can tell her everything without worrying about it being repeated and she is always there to look out for me even when I'm wrong. She is still my friend no matter how many fights we get in and she makes me laugh harder than anyone. Mathias and I are friends because he has always stood by my side and we always get in fights but I know that he will never leave me hanging when I absolutely need him. Also, we simply practically love each other and being around each other.