Kaufman County

by Farris Ali Est.1848


Caddoes and Cherokees prominent among them, inhabited the territory that is today Kaufman County long before American settlers arrived. By the time of the coming of these first settlers, in 1840, the Cherokees had been driven by the Caddoes into East Texas. The first Kaufman County settlement was started in 1840 by William P. Then some some forty pioneers from Holly Springs, Mississippi, who had purchased from Republic Texas The group built a fort and named it King's Fort in honor of their leader. Because of readily available land grants and because the land had been praised by towns, the area around King's Fort attracted settlers rapidly. On July 27, 1846, after the annexation of Texas by the United States, King patented the survey that included King's Fort with the new state government. The territory was at that time part of the recently organized Henderson County. Kaufman County was drawn from Henderson County, established in February 1848, and named for David Kaufman, member of the Congress of Texas the legislature of the state of Texas, and the Congress of the United States. King's Fort was renamed Kaufman and became the county seat and it has since remained unchanged. With this history there is no resting this county So come and Visit