The Stoffle Gazette

Final Newsletter

Hi Parents,

I wanted to send a final note to tell you thank you for sharing your children with me this year and for a wonderful school year! I was incredibly blessed to have such amazing students in my class this year. Each and every one of them is special and unique and incredibly smart. They all showed me how creative they are, they treated others with kindness and respect (usually :) ), they all worked incredibly hard to learn the many new things of 4th grade, and they had fun while doing all of these things. Of course we had some bumps in the road, but life will always have bumps, and that is how we all learn and become better people.

I wish every one of my students the very best in life and I know you will keep encouraging them to work hard at whatever they do. I will miss them this summer and in the years to come, but I hope they will visit often and keep in touch. They are welcome to email me anytime and I would love to hear how they are doing as they grow up. They can email me anytime at either of these addresses:

Here is a link to pictures I took during Field Day and the End of Year party.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer! I will see you children next year when they are big 5th graders!


Mrs. Stoffle